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Kino Stories: ‘Deus Ex Machina’ by jgold86

This surreal flick by Argentina’s jgold86 is our featured LomoKino movie of the day!

Video by jgold86. Link to the video’s page in the community here.

Admittedly we’re still not exactly sure what “Deus Ex Machina” has to do with the plot device of the same name; still, if we take it at face value, it still is pretty awesome (any film, especially when told in such a limited amount of time, that sets our thoughts in motion is definitely worthy of seeing in our books).

Anyway, in this short flick, the protagonist goes home after a day’s work, relaxes, and goes to bed – but not without setting up a fascinating dream machine. At first the machine churns out colored strips of paper-like material, which we assume means that the person is having a good dream, but after a while the strips that come out were only black in color, which probably means that he’s now having a nightmare. In the morning he takes the black-colored pieces, cuts them into shorter strips, and goes around the city in his bike and sticks them in random places like benches, walls, and around trees. In the end, the strips become colored, and the guy casually places an entire roll of the paper-like material inside a random man’s open bag before setting off. Is it a sort of chain event? Probably. My co-editor plasticpopsicle offered the observation that “deus ex machina” could probably be the unseen intervention by a higher force that set the dream machine in motion, turning all the black strips into colored ones. Come to think of it, that does make sense! What do you guys think?

But whatever the case is, “Deus Ex Machina” is a brilliant short film. Kudos, Ezequiel Fain (jgold86) and Juan Goldsztein!

written by chooolss

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