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Shutter Stories: My Awesome 2013 in Analogue

While 2013 was a year of many changes and challenges for me, overall, it was a really great one. I got to travel a lot (no trips abroad, but the local trips were nothing short of amazing), I got to try some new things, resumed a photography project, and added two new members in my analogue arsenal. Read on to find out which events defined the outgoing year for me, all in glorious analogue!

Corregidor Island Birthday Trip

Like I always do, I started the year right with a trip for my birthday. I went on a day trip around the island of Corregidor, a tadpole-shaped island situated at the mouth of Manila Bay. I decided to go there since it’s just around two hours away from Manila but I never thought about visiting it for the longest time. Since one of the landmarks of the World War II military stronghold is the lighthouse built by the Spanish in 1835, with it, my quest to visit as many lighthouses in the Philippines as I can also began.

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Zambales Weekend Getaway

A few days after my birthday, some of us in the Lomography Manila HQ decided to indulge in a weekend getaway in Liwliwa Beach, a surf spot in the municipality of San Felipe in the province of Zambales. While I am no surfer, I found the beach a nice spot to beach bum, relax, and read a book by the beach. At night, it’s also a must to light a bonfire and by the beach while stargazing over drinks and the company of good friends. We also devoted a day for some island hopping in the town of San Antonio. We thought we could make it to the Capones Island Lighthouse, but since we were out of time (it would take us around three hours to hike to the lighthouse in the other side of the island and back), we decided to skip it. Our boatmen just took us to the side of the island closest to the lighthouse (but we couldn’t dock since the shoreline was too rocky) so we could still take pictures from a distance.

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What a Cultured March

March came in with many opportunities for me to get cultured. I visited an exhibit with my co-editors (and indulged in a posh hotel lunch afterwards), checked out the opening of a vintage/second-hand weekend market in Escolta, and headed to an art fair and opening of a lifestyle store called Heima. That’s a fairly good month’s worth of events to get some culturing, if you ask me!

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Voyage Kilometer 642

In early April, my travel buddies in the office and I decided to take on one of our most ambitious trip to date. We endured 16 hours of land travel to the town of San Vicente in the province of Cagayan, 642 kilometers away from Manila. Our goal was to visit Palaui Island, the extreme northwestern portion of the Philippines that boasts of a beautiful beach, a number of beach activities, and a fascinating Spanish lighthouse atop Cape Engano. It was nice and sunny (I mean toasty) the day we arrived, but the next day the weather suddenly turned into a cloudy, rainy, windy disaster. To make the story short, Voyage Kilometer 642 was partly a failure since we didn’t get to Palaui Island, but we managed to make up for it by visiting other tourist spots in the province. We went to Callao Caves in the town of Penablanca and The Shrine of Our Lady of Piat, a popular Catholic pilgrimage site in the town of Piat.

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Everywhere in Laguna with Lomography MNL

By now, you must be convinced that we in the Lomography Manila HQ love to travel, and you’re not mistaken! Come May, everyone was up for a weekend down south in the province of Laguna. So, for our major trip of the year, we headed to Lake Pandin in San Pablo (one of the famous seven lakes of the town), the Underground Cemetery of Nagcarlan, and the footwear stores of Liliw.

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Chasing the Sun in Ilocos Norte

The end of May traditionally means the end of summer here in the Philippines, so two of my travel buddies and I decided to fly up north again in Ilocos Norte for some beach time before the rains come in by June. We flew to the city of Laoag and from there, we toured around the famous landmarks one will find on the way further north in the town of Pagudpud. It was my second time to traverse the route but I still enjoyed the sights, especially Bangui Windmills (where I started taking some of my first Horizon Perfekt photos) and Cape Bojeador Lighthouse!

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Photo by plasticpopsicle

New Acquisitions: Canon Autoboy Tele and Canon AE-1 Program

This year, I was lucky to get one of my dream film cameras: the Canon AE-1 Program. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Nikon FE2. But back when I was still looking into getting my first film SLR, the choices fell between anything from Nikon or a Canon AE-1/AE-1 Program. So, when July gave me the chance to get one for a really cheap price, I went ahead and grabbed it! Another new acquisition was a Canon Autoboy Tele which I spotted in the the Escolta Weekend Market some months later.

Bloom Arts Festival 2013

I’ve always been interested in the local art scene, so when the Bloom Arts Festival began last year, I decided to include it in the yearly events I shouldn’t miss. While I found last year’s artworks more interesting and varied, this year’s festival was more organized and had some highlights of its own. They also had a silkscreen printing station for shirts and tote bags, so I silkscreened a tee for myself (too bad I forgot to take a picture of it)!

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Handlettering Lessons

When my officemate Ella decided to hold a barter/trade class for handlettering in November, I thought it would be a great thing to learn since I’ve been wanting to get started with journaling. In exchange for a sketchpad that was on her wishlist, she taught me (and the rest of the students in her class) the basics of handlettering for a good three hours. It was held in a coffee shop so I was extra happy to be making something with my hands while sipping from a cup of nice and foamy coffee.

See more photos here!

Getting into Street Photography

In early December, I got invited to join a group of passionate and experienced street photographers for a photowalk around the busy streets of Manila. I decided to make my Yashica Electro 35 GSN my analogue companion for the day since it’s been so long since I last took it for a walk. I wasn’t too keen on strict street photography (I felt like my “style” fits landscape and travel photography more), but I went home from the photowalk really interested and determined to get better at shooting street scenes. The photos above are some of the ones I took from that day.

Of course, since December is just about to get done, I still haven’t processed my film rolls for events such as the office Christmas Party and the week-long trip I just had with my family. There are also other important highlights for 2013 that are worth mentioning like the photographer/artist interviews I did (with Eric Omori, Stuart Chapman of the Indisposable Concept Project, Matt Pontin and Jon Blyth of Camper Obscura, Mark Powell, Patrick Vale, Emma van Leest, Brice Bischoff, Riccardo Parenti, and Laura Su Lilie), new photos for my Ghost Employees pinhole photography project, and the brand new series called Caffeinated Haunts for the Locations section that I just started.

So that’s it, everyone, my 2013 in glorious film photographs. I hope all of you had a great year too, and may 2014 be an even better and more fruitful year for all of us! Cheers!

written by plasticpopsicle

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