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Picture This: Gratitude for all the Good Things in My Analogue Life this 2013

So many bad things happened in my life this year, but analogue photography made me cheerful again. Thank you to all of you!

This is all of the good things that happened in my analogue life this year.

Photo by hervinsyah

It started on January 5th; I got to watch Indonesian 80s legend musician, Fariz RM in my hometown, Bandung, Indonesia. It was the best gig of 2013 for me.

Photo by hervinsyah

Then, from March 19th to 26th, I went to Saudi Arabia and did Umroh (short time hajj for Moslems all over the world). This first spiritual journey brought a lot of happy moments and a little bit of unpleasant ones, but overall, it was my best spiritual experience this year.

Two months later, I joined my first May Day parade, not as the protester, but as an analogue hobbies photo snapper. I’ve had a lot of another moment from the demonstration view.

On September 20th, my photo was chosen as the Photo Of The Day at Lomography China. They said, “带上气球去旅行 踏上旅程,总想在远方找到更多乐趣。其实欢乐并不往往都在终点,沿途无处不风景。(hervinsyah brings the balloon to travel on a journey, always wanting to have more fun in the distance. In fact, happiness is not often in the end, it’s in the scenery everywhere.)” Thank you very much, Lomography China!

Photo by hervinsyah

In late September, I commented on the Lomography France party photo like crazy because the photo is so cheerful. In one of the photos, I said that my hometown Bandung was called as “Paris van Java” by the Dutch when they colonized Indonesia in 1600-something until 1942. It’s because the weather and the people are quite similar with Paris (at that time). A few days later, I was told by olivesan that I was chosen as the Lomo Home of the Week at lomography.fr, and one of their reasons for choosing me was my previous comment about Bandung as “Paris van Java.” Once again thank you very much, Lomography France!

Photo by hervinsyah

Last but not the least, I won so many piggies as a runner-up for some rumbles! It started with a rumble by Lomography Italia — Lomography per Photissima 2013. Thank you very much, Lomography Italy!

Photo by hervinsyah

Then, this photo became a runner-up for two rumbles: Lomography Italy’s Alza il volume Competition: vinci con Lomography e Toylet Mag and Lomography International’s Making Memories: Your Best Wedding or Birthday Memory Rumble. Thank you very much, Lomography Italy and Lomography International!

Photo by hervinsyah

I was chosen as a runner-up again for Making Memories: Your Best School Memory Rumble. Thank you very much, Lomography International!

Photo by hervinsyah

This is an old photo that I re-scanned, but I also wanted to know the result if I have it re-scanned by a different lab. I was surprised that many liked commented on this photo, and it helped me become a runner-up in a rumble by Lomography Taiwan. Thank you very much, Lomography Taiwan!

Photo by hervinsyah

written by hervinsyah


  1. istionojr


    seru2nya ya pin kl lagi banyak waktu buat online. selamat atas pencapaiannya loh.

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  2. lomographyfrance


    Yeepee! We're in hervinsyah's article!

    11 months ago · report as spam
  3. hervinsyah


    @istionojr : haha, taun 2014 kayanya kudu dikurangin Ga. butuh duit & harus cari kerja. btw itu yg 2013 pencapaiannya cuma piggies, ga ada kamera yang nyangkut hahahaha 8D

    @lomographyfrance : You guys are so funny =DDD

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