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Ask Your Guru: Jesslynnathalya Asks 134340

We're currently on an Asian fever! If last time we had two men battle the question and answer Lomography style, then this time we give the floor to two lovely ladies!

We’re back with another version of the Lomography Community’s Ask Your Guru with sweet girls from Indonesia and Thailand respectively. It’s Newcomer jesslynnathalya and LomoGuru 134340 to do the talking!

Photo by ohoska

She was greatly influenced by a friend, ohoska, to take Lomographs and join the Community. At first she was just a model but now she’s the one taking the shots! It has been three great years since then!

Originally from Ratchaburi, a province in Thailand, Pung Srikamolthiti is now based in Bangkok, studying and working. She loves having LomoWalks around the city as she considers herself a traveler. She also spends her time reading books, watching good movies, and going to music festivals and exhibitions.

Photo by jesslynnathalya

If Pung has been here for three years, then Jesslyn Nathalya has been living it up for three exciting months! Jesslyn was also greatly influenced by a friend (turned lover :D), bebopbebop, to join the Community.

Jesslyn is currently a graduating student who is taking up Management in Faculty of Economy in Bandung, Indonesia. She used to dance but now that Lomography has caught her heart, she spends her thesis breaks on LomoWalks or as she calls it, “LomoDates.”

Now that these women are fairly introduced, it’s time to get on the question and answer they had!

Jesslyn Nathalya (JN): I see that you have used different cameras and many films as well… How much do you usually spend for this analogue hobby in a month?

Pung Srikamolthiti (PS): Depends on the weather or occasion. Just like during summer or a regular chillin’ day, I usually go to LomoWalks and get many rolls per month. On the other hand, I couldn’t do that when there’s heavy rain and will only get a few rolls or maybe just one. Hmmm… I cannot tell how much exactly I spend for this hobby in a month.

JN: How do you maintain all your cameras and films to keep it in a good condition?

PS: It’s kinda inconvenient to keep all of your cameras in a shelf so I keep them in big plastic boxes to save space and avoid any dust. For my films, to keep them in the refrigerator is the best way especially for the expired ones!

JN: What is the best camera and film pair for you?

PS: Lomo LC-A+ with Kodak Elitechrome 100 is always my sweet weapon! They give me such great shots that I want.

JN: What is your favorite camera? Can you share us any technique or tips that you usually use with it?

PS: Still, my Lomo LC-A+. It’s my favorite camera so far. If you use the LC-A+ with slide films on a sunny day, you’ll get stunning shots with strong colors or vignettes. And what if you would like to try shooting at night? Then go ahead! The Lomo LC-A+ has the light automatic which is a very good option for long exposure. I have no tripod or release cable so I try to stay stable whenever I go shooting at night; the results turn out OK as well.

JN: Who is your influence when it comes to taking photos? Why him/her?

PS: I’m a big fan of Asian movies especially Japanese and Hong Kong made ones so I’m really interested in film cinematography. When I was young, I didn’t care about story or character, all I cared about was cinematography! Maybe this is my inspiration when it comes to taking photographs.

There are two cinematographers in my mind:

Christopher Doyle, an Australian cinematographer who has worked on well-known films like “In the Mood for Love” “2046” and a Thai film called “Last Life in the Universe.” He has his own style when completing films.

Noboru Shinoda, a Japanese cinematographer who has captured every moment of his masterpieces “All About Lily Chou Chou” and “Swallowtail Butterfly” His works are full of inspiration, with dramatic feelings inside.

JN: What is a great photographer to you?

PS: A great photographer is the person who knows what they really love and have passion with. They cannot live without the sound of a shutter.

JN: What is the city you want to Lomograph the most?

PS: Lasa, Tibet. This is my dream place and I want to go and make awesome Lomographs here for even once in a lifetime.

JN: If your cameras can talk, what would you like to say to them?

PS: Hey chaps, let’s LomoWalk!

We sure enjoyed that one on one! Thank you, Pung and Jesslyn! Until our next Ask Your Guru!

Are you a curious Newcomer? Or maybe a LomoGuru who would like to share tips and tricks to our noobs? Then this is your time to be featured! Just drop me a line at mayee.gonzales@lomography.com. Catch ya!

written by mayeemayee


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