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LomoGuru of the Week: Gatokinetik-o

He juggles a lot of persona in his life in which each needs a lot of attention and driving passion. But despite all of these responsibilities, he still takes time to be a family fan and an awesome Lomographer!

He might just be our first LomoGuru from the lively country of Chile and we’re glad that we’re featuring him this week! He has been taking Lomographs for quite a long time already and he’s here to share some stories and thoughts! Say hello to this week’s LomoGuru, who considers himself quite a cat, Victor or gatokinetik-o!

Photo by gatokinetik-o

Name: Víctor Guzmán
Lomography Username: gatokinetik-o
Location: Rancagua, Chile
Number of years as a Lomographer: Seven years
Number of years in the Community: Two and a half years.

Tell us something about yourself… What do you do for a living? What are your main interests?

Well, I’m a physical therapist. I’m the coordinator of the Kinesiology area, a teacher of a private university in our country, and I do clinical coaching, too. I’m also a researcher! But for me, the most important activity in my life is playing with my son and spending good times with my family and friends. I’m a soccer enthusiast and I love practicing sports, mainly running! Of course, I recognize Lomography and other forms of art like music and painting/ These are ways to escape an everyday routine and also a complement.

Tell us something about your LomoHome’s name. Why that username? Or if that’s your actual name, what would be a different LomoHome name you’d like to have?

Hahaha. First, I think that my real name is a little bit boring. Second, I carry the first part of my LomoHome since I was a kid. Gato, the Spanish translation to cat, is how my family and friends call me. Later, a teacher in the university for the first time called me “gatokinetik” which is related to kinesiology and I really liked it. This is my name for many things! Even the first time that i joined Lomography (in the old site) I had this name too. But then I forgot the password and had to rename it to “gatokinetik-o."

If i could change it, i guess i would go for “gato.” I would like to be the most important “cat” in community! :D

A cat and a Lomo lover!

Share to us your most memorable experience in the Lomographic Community.

I’ve had several great experiences since I becamse a part of this Community. But if I have to pick just one, I would definitely choose the “Latino American film swap” experience. The LSI chose 20 photos from 24 rolls of films from four Latino American countries. From there they made a round of three finalists where I participated in the creation of two. The surprise was when I won both 1st and 2nd places!

Proud winner!

After that, the Lomography Embassy Chile organized an expo and we had a great time drinking “Mote Con Huesillos” and hearing psychedelic Cumbia. Thanks again Lomography Chile for everything!

Have you actually met people in the Community that you now consider as close friends?

Yes, definitely. Personally, I can have good vibes with someone without meeting him or her. I’ve met wonderful people sharing the Lomo love all across the world. But I have a special love for the Chilean Community. I can’t mention everyone but If I have to mention one, it’s doorman762003 because we’ve been close friends since school days! And because I’ve converted him from digital to analogue photography. And my best Lomographic partner is my son, a future Lomographer!

Do you think you’ll still be taking Lomographs in the next 5 years? Why?

Obviously. In fact, I don’t own digital cameras except the one in my cellphone. For me, every experience, every situation is analogue!

What is your favorite Lomo camera and why? Do you have any memorable experiences while using this camera?

Wow, that’s difficult! But I would have to choose the first camera that i fell in love with, my Holga 120CFN CMYK. Once I traveled to Altiplano and people were really surprised with this camera. Maybe they thought it was a toy! In one of those little towns there was a kid who was so impressed with this strange kind of toy camera! I agreed to lend my Holga for him to take a whole roll and the boy was so happy! Here’s a photo of that kid.

Photo by gatokinetik-o

Please share your most favourite Lomographic photo that you took and explain why.

This is my favourite!

Photo by gatokinetik-o

We were on holiday with my family in the Atlantic coast of Uruguay and it was one of the best moments for us. Tranquility, happiness, relaxation, getting out of routine, being able to share moments — for me that’s perfect. Maybe this photo is not perfect but it brings to me a lot of good emotions. I think this photo is quite cinematographic, too!

Please share a Lomograph you wish you took and explain why.

Photo by atria007

I love trains so for me this shot is perfect! Nothing else to say about that! And guess you all know atria007. I’m a big fan of her!

What’s the best Lomographic or photography advice you think you have given?

Well, I think I’ve said that Lomography is about trying. The success goes hand in hand with that.

Is there any advice you can give to new analogue shooters?

Yes. I guess it is the fact that you don’t have to worry about cliches. There are situations that do not deserves to be photographed.

Do you think you’re qualified as a LomoGuru? Got something to share in our Community? Then drop me a line at mayee.gonzales@lomography.com and you might become the next LomoGuru!

written by mayeemayee


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