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Happy Father's Day, LomoDads!

Are you a proud LomoDad? Please join weedos as he takes a trip down memory lane over his last decade and a bit as a Lomographer in celebration of dads everywhere this Father's Day!

My oldest son turns fifteen next month. That means I’ve been a dad since 1998. My second child was born in 1999. A drop in the bucket of time really, but they have been the most rewarding fifteen years of my life.

There have been many changes in the photography world in that time. The first pictures of my kids were on film and for that I feel blessed. Unfortunately, they weren’t on Lomography cameras but I was fortunate enough to first get bitten by the Lomography bug when they were toddlers.

These were taken in the early 2000’s (makes me feel old)

The mid 2000’s were a time of change for me with regards to photography. Like a lot of photographers I was tempted by the promise of the ease of digital. I experimented with many different cameras through those years and took many photos but something was missing.

Along came 2007 and a gift of the Fisheye 2. Suddenly photography was fun again and the boys loved hamming it up for this camera.

Around that time, I made the mistake of starting to take myself seriously as a photographer. I was told how awesome my shots were and I started to believe it. I bought an expensive DSLR and once again turned my back on analogue. Needless to say, that was a mistake. The hours spent editing the photos, the adding of effects to ‘enhance’ the finished product were taking away from the joy of taking the picture in the first place. Not to mention taking time away from the boys which was my primary source of inspiration in the first place.

Fast forward to Christmas 2009, a Diana F+ deluxe kit appeared under the tree. Suddenly I remembered what it was like to just shoot for the joy of it.

There was no looking back. For a while my DSLR shared space in my camera bag with my increasing number of Lomography cameras but eventually it was left on the camera shelf where it still resides.

2010 was a very busy year, we had our first Lomowalks together,

…a broken arm,

Photo by weedos

…a trip to Wales (where I was born) to meet my extended family,

…more Lomowalks and new cameras.

It was great year and really brought me back to what matters most. My kids.

2011 came and went in a blur, luckily we had our cameras and found the time to go on a few adventures,


…and managed to squeeze in a trip to Toronto for my cousin’s wedding.

We also had the chance to play with even more cameras.

Last year was also a wonderful time for us to go out and about. As they grow older, and grow in many different ways, we still have been fortunate enough to always find time to be together.

More Festivals,

and more fun.

This year is already half over and I’ve fallen behind on my posts here on Lomography, but I haven’t stopped taking time to be with the boys.

When I first started putting this article together I thought about approaching other LomoDads about submitting their thoughts and pictures. But then I thought that every dad is different and every relationship with every child is special in their own way. I see hundreds of pictures of dads with their kids and I know they wouldn’t change that experience for the world.

So here’s to you this Father’s Day. Enjoy your time with your kids, they really do grow up so fast. I’ve been very lucky to be a part of my kids’ life and I wouldn’t change that for anything.


written by weedos


  1. gatokinetik-o


    Wow this is a great article, my friend! :D happy father's day for every lomo dad!
    I felt so identificated with these. I'm proud and happy with my kid, teaching all the analogue love

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  2. mayeemayee


    This is really awesome, @weedos! You've documented your son's growth on film <3 happy father's day!

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  3. mafiosa


    Happy belated Father's day @weedos! The kids were so adorable when they were young. Great collection of photos :)

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  5. yyyhorn


    great article J!! loved it!

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    this is great!

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  7. lostlittlekid


    Great article! Really enjoyed it! :)

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  8. weedos


    @gatokinetik-o, Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. Cheers!

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  9. weedos


    @mayeemayee, Thank You :-)

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  10. weedos


    @mafiosa, Thank you. They still are adorable :-) Just in different ways. Cheers!

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  12. weedos


    @yyyhorn, Thank You :-)

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    @grazie Thanks very much. Cheers!

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    @lostlittlekid, Thank you :-)

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  15. breyer


    Thank-you for such an inspiring & wonderful article! <3
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  16. weedos


    @breyer, Thanks for the kind words and thanks for reading :-) Cheers!

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