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LomoGuru of the Week: Dakadev_pui

He has been a member of the Lomography Community for quite a long while -- sharing photos and making friends in this analogue world of ours. And you know what, if Thailand had a Mr. Congeniality for Lomography, this one sure is a runner-up!

It’s great how he is able to make friends through Lomography. Building bridges not only in his own country but in various continents, too! With this, he is also able to share his Lomographs and insane yet fun Lomo life! Need no more introduction for dakadev_pui is this week’s LomoGuru!

Photo by dakadev_pui

Name: Wuttichai Nuchsiri
Lomography Username: dakadev_pui
Location: Bangkok , Thailand
Number of years as a Lomographer: Two years and 10 months
Number of years in the Community: Two years and six months

Tell us something about yourself… What do you do for a living? What are your main interests?

I am a full-time Lomographer! Can you believe me? Just kidding. :) I read books everyday, especially Thai literature. I love to going out on a sunny day and shoot Lomographs. However, my occupation is a Sports Scriptwriter on the field of TV.

Tell us something about your LomoHome’s name. Why that username?

Dakadev was my pen name when I was a sports journalist in 2007. Da is my girlfriend’s name while kadev means skinny jeans in Thai. (In 2007, skinny jeans were old-fashioned in Thailand.) So, dakadev has no meaning. I just wanted a pen name that indicates old-fashion.

Share to us your most memorable experience in the Lomographic Community.

One of the most memorable experiences in the Community was doing the Lomo film swap project with other Lomographers. It’s all about creative fun with a nice dose of inspiration. My first chance to try double exposure was with a Lomographer friend, Bee (i_am_four-eyes.) After some chatting and an exchange of perspectives and our love for photography, we had several chances to do some photography together. Besides Bee, there are also friends from China: domyblue, Sevastopol: japsix, Philippines: boredbone, tallgrrlocks, icuresick, superkuisap, Russia: palkina, grad, Sweden: lighthouseblues, Taiwan: albeelee, UK: neja, khunkrabi, Netherlands: mephisto19, Bulgaria: adash, Indonesia: adi_totp, Hong Kong: pete, Italy: goonies, Peru: qrro, Japan: orangebird, Singapore: lawypop and from Thailand: stecha, dew, hhjm, drpuiful, ohoska, lian_meinv, sobetion, kokakoo, deng, 134340, itisanormalname, modern_nmt and wapclub.

Have you actually met people in the Community that you now consider as close friends?

I’ve met a few of my fellow Bangkok Lomographers a few times last year on a LomoWalk around the city. I’m in touch with some of Bangkok’s Lomographers including lian_meinv, hhjm, drpuiful, ohoska, sobetion, kokakoo, deng, 134340, itisanormalname, wapclub, heart2heart, inine, stecha, dew, and opon21 just to name a few.

I did have the chance to meet i_am_four-eyes to take Lomographs and have a few meals. He is a great friend. Other than that, I went to namwann_piz and wapclub’s wedding to congratulate them both.

Do you think you’ll still be taking Lomographs in the next 5 years? Why?

I’m sure I will! I just love to shoot on film. I can’t stop loving lomography.

What is your favorite Lomo camera and why? Do you have any memorable experiences while using this camera?

I love shooting with the LC-A+, LC-Wide, as well as the Holga WPC. I used to adore the Fisheye no. 2, but now I have moved on and am trying the Lubitel 166+ and Horizon Perfekt.

As for the memorable experience – there have been so many! But I want to tell my bad mistake. In April 2011, I went to Smed Island with my girlfriend mayyavee_daa. My LC-A+ fell in the water while we were catching the van! I was shocked!, it’s dead! What a bad accident!. It’s my favorite camera. However, I can still shoot Lomographs with another camera such a the Fisheye no. 2 and the Diana Mini during that trip.

Please share your most favourite Lomographic photo that you took and explain why.

This is one of my favourite Lomographs, it means so much to me. Timing, color, the model — I love all everything and I know I can’t make it again!

Photo by dakadev_pui

•Please share a Lomograph you wish you took and explain why.*

Ummm, okay, another crazy hard question to answer but this is the shot I wish I had taken because it is an amazing shot by michaelback. I went speechless when I saw this photo. This is beautiful, it’s like a place between dream and reality. I don’t know, how did he make it? It’s perfect. I think I can’t make it. It’s a masterpiece.

Photo by michaelback

What’s the best Lomographic or photography advice you think you have given?

“Don’t think just shoot!” It’s the best advice for me. It make me not worry about the results. Just go on and shoot!

If there’s one song or movie that best describes your Lomo life, what is that and why?

I am a big fan of Quentin Tarantino and a big fan of Pulp Fiction. I can’t guess the plot when I first saw the film. Pulp Fiction is like Lomography, you can’t guess the result.

Is there any advice you can give to new analogue shooters?

I don’t have any special tricks. But what I always do is press the shutter immediately when I want to capture that one special moment. Another advice — “Take your camera everywhere you go.” It’s a very simple thing to do.

Do you think you’re qualified as a LomoGuru? Got something to share in our Community? Then drop me a line at mayee.gonzales@lomography.com and you might become the next LomoGuru!

written by mayeemayee


  1. wuxiong


    dakadev_pui, is one of the great lomographers I admire in this commubity...^..^ cheers...

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  2. wuxiong


    dakadev_pui, is one of the great lomographers I admire in this commubity...^..^ cheers...

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    Dear my friend, dakadev_pui ;)
    Great!! I love your photos!

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    Thank you so much everyone

    P.S Some friends have gone missing from this interview
    I want to tell everyone

    Germany : trashpilotin,fruchtzwerg_hh,brommi(coming soon)
    Malaysia : ripsta,gladys (coming soon)
    USA : grazie, blueskyandhardrock,jeabzz,fotogrove,vici
    Latvia : kitija
    Spain : atria007 (coming soon)

    Thank you and Love

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