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Step by Step: My Kind of Lomography

Let me tell you about my first analogue camera, the moment I first got into Lomography, and my thoughts about it. I think we are a family!

My lomo love started 1.5 years ago when we were talking about Polaroid cameras with my classmates. When I got home, a little voice inside me told me to look at those cameras. Then, I found Lomography where you can find every kind of analogue camera. It was a place where you can find every analogue lover regardless of age. What I saw was that people of Lomography was different—they were special.

At that time, Lomography’s first Turkey store was about to open to business in Istanbul. I could not go to Istanbul as I live in Ankara but thanks to Lomography’s website I was easily keeping up with everything.

At first, I fancied the ActionSampler. It was looking nice and the price was okay for me too. I don’t remember how I chose or ordered the camera. What I do remember is the day I got my camera! This little fella is always with me on sunny days. Oh, and the results were as amazing as I could have imagined.

Of course, I wasn’t going to just stop after I got my ActionSampler. I looked at the website again and I saw the Fisheye! I immediately ordered the fisheyed beauty. The day I got my camera, I was blessed with the eyes of a fish. I was charmed when I saw my friends’ funny faces and the beauty of the clouds that I captured with this beauty.

I believe I can’t get enough of Lomography. I just can’t stop myself from reading about all the cameras on Lomography. For instance, last week I was doing my regular reading on Lomography again and then I saw the Diana F+. I read everything about it. While I was reading the comments on Diana F+, I am pretty sure I heard something was calling to me, telling me to buy this classic beauty! Well, it would be very rude for me to say “No, I think I’ll pass.” Now, I have a blue Diana F+. I am reading everything about it, and capturing colorful photos with the help of its color filter gels. I am pretty sure I’ll have some amazing photos.

I am always happy with the results of my ActionSampler and Fisheye. I believe Lomography is the important part of analogue style of cameras. I have to add that I have a digital camera too, and I compare the results. My conclusion is that Lomography always gives the best result. I met with lomography 1.5 years ago and since that lomography is my best friend. When the sun shines brightly or it is hiding behind clouds, when there is snow or rain I am always with my Lomo cameras.

P.S. to myself: when I go to Istanbul, I will spend a loooooooot of time in Lomography Gallery Store because all the workshops and parties I saw on website made me fall in love with Istanbul. And I guess I am in love with Lomography. Oh yes.

The Actionsampler Chrome snaps up a series of four images on one 35mm print. This multilens camera records your subject’s movement and is now coated in sleek silver. See it with the rest of our Multilens cameras here!

written by ozenozbasa and translated by bbeelzebub

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