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Trw's LomoDiary and the Excitement Lomography Can Bring

He can't deny that Lomography has played a big part in his life. It pushed him into being more adventurous and even confident in various moments he has experienced throughout his being.

Like what his LomoHome says, “When does a hobby officially become an obsession?” Maybe that’s just the case that happened with his Lomo life. Well, I say it’s not a bad case at all.

And as he is featured in this month’s LomoDiary, we will be able to learn more about Todd’s Lomo story and take a deeper look into his amazing Lomographs. So come on and read more from trw!

Photo by trw

Name: Todd Wagner
Lomography Username: trw
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Number of years as a Lomographer: 2 years
Number of years in the Community: 1 and 1/2 years

Kindly relate to us any memorable experience, whether happy or sad, you’ve had in relation to Lomography.

Lomography very quickly became a big part of my life. It started innocently with a Diana Mini I purchased a couple of years ago and a few photos I uploaded in the Lomography website. I soon found myself sharing ideas, thoughts, and experiences with people all over the world. I started experimenting with different cameras and film. The more photos I took, the more involved with the Lomography Community I became. I’ve met so many wonderful people here in the Community and while I haven’t had a chance to meet many of them in person, some of them have had a great impact on me.

One of the biggest changes Lomography has caused for me is the way I view the world. I’ve always had to travel for my job, but now, instead of being the chore it once was, I look at my trips as an opportunity to explore the different places I go to and share them with others in the community. Taking photos has caused me to be more adventurous when I travel and to look for new places every time I visit somewhere. Even when I’m not traveling, I still look at my world a bit differently. Things I see every day on my way to or from work become interesting subjects for photographs. I study details that I never noticed before and I make a point of taking different routes just to look at things from a new perspective and, hopefully, get a few fun photos.

What are the emotions that best explain this story you have? What are your thoughts about it?

If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be excited. I’m excited to see what I get every time I load film in a camera and take pictures. I’m excited when the film comes back from the lab. I’m excited to visit the site every day to see all the great, fascinating photos taken by people in the Community. I’m excited to learn about new places, cameras, films, techniques, and tipsters. I’m excited to read what others have to say about my photos, too. I think excited best explains it.

If ever this experience did not occur in your life, what kind of person are you right now? Are you not the same person without this experience?

I think the Community has certainly made me a more adventurous and outgoing person. As I said before, I now seek new places to go to and things to do. I look for and enjoy having the opportunity to meet and interact with other Lomographers. Before I joined this Community, I don’t think I would have done those things.

Come and see Todd’s Lomo Gallery and the story behind his photos

Picking five photos to represent how I feel about Lomography is really difficult. There are so many stories behind each picture, but if I had to choose five, these are the five I would choose (in no particular order):

1.) Classic cars – I probably would never have gone to the air show if it didn’t seem like a great opportunity to get some interesting photos. They had some beautiful classic cars on display and while I like the photos I took of the airplanes, this photo was my favorite of the day. It taught me the meaning of expecting the unexpected.

Photo by trw

2.) Doubles with friends – Any of you who know me know that vici is my dearest friend in the Community. She was my first doubles partner and I would happily do doubles with her any day. I wanted to get some great photos for this doubles album so I went to some places in Tokyo that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have visited. This doubles album is (and likely always will be) one of my favorites.

Photo by trw

3). Enjoy the experiment – I really enjoy trying new cameras and different types of film. The film I used here, Rollei Retro, is one that I never would have found until I saw someone’s pictures on the site using it. I love this black and white film.

Photo by trw

4). An ordinary day – Although I’ve worked in downtown Los Angeles for years, I’ve never spent much time exploring it. Since joining this Community, lunch hours are a fun time to venture out of the office and find new sights to photograph.

Photo by trw

5). Enjoy the experiment (part 2) – I used long-expired film and took doubles on a roll I just finished earlier in the day. I had no idea what to expect but I loved the result. I try experiments like this all the time now. Sometimes they work well and sometimes they don’t, but they are always fun!

Photo by trw

Got a story to share? How important is Lomography in your life? Your story might just be perfect for our LomoDiary so head on and give me a line at mayee.gonzales@lomography.com!

written by mayeemayee


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