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Tracing my Lomo Beginnings

Lomography more than a passion can be an addiction. Remembering how it all started, it’s quite difficult to identify how I exactly ran into it, because it was a very long transition from digital to analog that finally made me decide to buy my first Lomo camera.

Photo by yopanic

It could seem a paradox, but it all started from NOT photographing ANYMORE. It was the high school era for me. My parents bought me a brand new digital camera, nothing so professional because it was not a good idea to invest so much money to buy a pro-camera, since I was only a little boy. I started using that camera very often, but I started realizing little by little that I didn’t like my pictures so much, so every time I needed to use Photoshop to “enhance” them.

Since that period, I started gradually hating the activity of taking pictures: it was really annoying, because the best pictures were only the ones that were heavily modified with the computer. I felt it didn’t make any sense. I started hating that kind of philosophy, while most of my friends started getting into Photoshop courses.

So I started NOT photographing ANYMORE, thinking at the same time that film photography was too difficult for a non-expert boy like me.

After 2 years of stop, I ran into the Lomography website. After that first approach, I continued thinking that film photography wasn’t for me: too many costs, scanning, always going to the lab, time to wait, etc. The need of making pictures was too heavy, so few weeks later I started thinking about what camera I should buy. The answer was Fed 5b. I decided that I needed a fully not automatic camera; the first approach wasn’t good at all.

Then I bought the LC-A, the original one. I found on eBay this guy from Estonia who was selling it at an honest price, so I took it. It was produced in 1986. Why did I buy that camera? I thought that my first approach was wrong—the Fed 5b is a too heavy camera and not made for beginners. Then I thought that starting from the original old LC-A was the right way to understand for real Lomography. And that happened. I fell in love with that camera, since from the real beginning, with basic color negative film.

The rest of the story you can find in my LomoHome.

The Lomo LC-A is the camera that started the Lomography movement. With full controls and wide ISO range, this automatic gem is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Get your own Refurbished LC-A in our Shop!

written by yopanic

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