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Ask Your Guru: Kathrynisi Asks Warning

We are definitely getting the hang of this analogue-related questioning! The interviews just keep on getting better and better, eh?

And in this week’s Ask Your Guru, we bring you two lovely ladies who are undeniably Lomo passionate! We introduce you our Newcomer kathrynisi and her LomoGuru, a favorite in our Community, warning.

Photo by warning

Here is Tania Blázquez, a Community member for quite a long time already. We all know her as warning and we have no doubt liked her amazing Lomographs!

Tania got hooked into Lomography by a really engaging chance — she saw a Fisheye Lomograph in a fashion magazine and instantly fell in love with the photo which made her visit the Lomography Gallery Store Madrid Echegaray near her home. As fate brings it, she is currently the Store Manager of said LGS and is also working on a brand for kids, The Coconuts, which she shares with her best friend.

Photo by kathrynisi

Then let us meet Kathryn Williamson from St. Andrews, Scotland. Known as kathrynisi in our world of analogue, Kathryn stumbled upon Lomography while searching for 35mm films. She eventually realized that our Community is the best place to share her Lomographs!

A student who is taking up International Relations and Middle East Studies, she is also a rifle shooter who competes internationally for Scotland and Great Britain. Of course she also does a lot of analogue shooting (pun intended!) with her boyfriend during free time!

Lovely analogue hues from Kathryn.

Now, let us get the girl power on and see how the Q&A went with the two!

Kathryn Williamson (KW): Where is your favourite place to shoot?

Tania Blázquez (TB): Nature. A lake, a wheat field, the sea, the desert… Or abandoned and decadent places.

KW: You seem to use water in your photos a lot, is there a reason for this?

TB: I’d like to give a profound answer to this, but the truth is that there is no reason. I just like pretty things, and water is one of them.

KW: Narrow it down for me — your favourite camera and why?

TB: Now I’m obsessed with the Lubitel. Because it makes the world’s most beautiful portraits.

KW: Your portraits are lovely, any top tips for portrait work?

TB: Thank you!. If you don´t know the person, be kind, and ask him/her if they don’t mind posing. Because if the person is uncomfortable, probably the expression will be tense, or directly they will run away, and you will never have the portrait.

I love capturing portraits of my daughter, my boyfriend, and my best friend. This is easy, because we are confident with each other.

KW: What is your favourite picture you have ever taken?

TB: It is a double exposure taken with the Horizon Kompakt. It has in this moment 916 likes, and 96 comments. I really like it, and I feel very proud of it. It is magical!

Photo by warning

KW: As a newbie, what is your best piece of advice for me?

TB: Take hundreds of photos. Is the best way to learn, and open the eyes to this new world is coming. ;)

KW: Apart from photography how do you express yourself?

TB: Drawing, creating, dreaming, and loving <3

Photo by warning

Well that was indeed a sweet Ask Your Guru! Thanks kathrynisi and warning! Until the next~

Are you a curious Newcomer? Or maybe a LomoGuru who would like to share tips and tricks to our noobs? Then this is your time to be featured! Just drop me a line at mayee.gonzales@lomography.com. Catch ya!

written by mayeemayee


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