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Autumn Leaves All Around

Do you know the way kids see autumn? Autumn always brings to me something special, I don't know if it is the smell of the first rain in hot soil or the smell of smoke in the streets from fireplaces or the colors changing during the day!

Photo by bongofury
Photo by bongofury

During a conversation with a friend , I asked her how her students see autumn. After some days she brings to me some texts.

Oh, Autumn! How you delight me! When I step over the brown, yellow, and red leaves from the trees that the wind stripped, everything around me is so beautiful. The trees now only with a few leaves, seem to dance in the wind. Swallows seem to be angry with us and leave for other lands, leaving us only with brown sparrows to blend with the leaves. Oh, Autumn! Your magic is beautiful and you delight me.

A carpet of crunchy leaves and the sky painted in grey, it is an autumn landscape. The cold increases the amount of clothes. The night knocks on the door earlier and morning rises later. The chestnut man is already a frequent visitor of our street. We went back to school, new teachers, new classmates, and new friends. I’ll miss the summer!

The big tree in Ana’s garden felt a chill. Its green leaves trembled and became paler, she looked at the sky and did not see the shining and warming sun. She looked at the eaves and did not see the swallows flitting happily. She looked at the sea and saw a deserted beach. Then she sighed softly. She now understood that the summer gone and autumn has arrived.

This is the way 10-year-old kids see autumn.

written by bongofury

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