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Sensuality in Food and Lomography

Food and Lomography is comparable in many ways. I thought of comparing it based on our five senses.

Photo by earlybird

Food is very sensual for me. According to The Free Dictionary, being “sensual” means relating to or affecting any of the senses or a sense organ. You have to use all your senses in order to perfect food. Like my description for food, photography, especially Lomography, is also sensual. Let me take you to further details.


The first thing you use to capture something is through the sense of sight. The food looks enticing depending on how it was plated. The physical appearance is what attracts people to eat the food. Most people use their camera’s viewfinder to compose or take a photo. Sense of sight allows us to show wonders through color and dimension (shape and form).


In order to be aware of the object’s texture, sense of touch is used. Texture (rough, smooth, soft, hard, wet or dry) adds detail to the subject. Others perceive this sense as feelings (emotions). In photography, emotions are felt—yellow for happiness, blue for peace, and red for passion.


Sense of taste is associated more on food. This is our ability to perceive taste (sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami). The taste determines the quality of the food. A photographer’s taste level is subjective. The style and technique which he uses is what sets him apart from others.


Most cooking process goes thru a phase wherein you also have to consider the sound. The sound depicts that the next step is to be done. For example, in frying you will know that the meat is ready to be turned over if less sound is heard. In photography, photo gives out a message or awareness to its audience, whether for the environment, politics, culture, etc.


Like taste, smell is essential to cooking. A person is enticed upon looking and smelling the food. Sense of smell is the most primal and complex among the five. A person has the ability to distinguish different odors and builds a memory based on it. In photography, it can be associated to how a photo is presented. The style or the manner it was presented determines if the photo has a recall to its viewers.

How often have you used your five senses in Lomography?

written by hans12


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    very nice article! I'm glad that you keep one of my pictures to visualize your script.

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    Awesome set!

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    Great article! It inspired me to do more food photography, including people enjoying food.

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    A good read! :D

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    Ohh! Thanks too, and you're welcome! My (bad) photo of my favorite Hot & Sour Soup made it to the gallery, hehe.

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