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One with Nature: MX at the Beach!

It's difficult to be focused on the lookout for good photo ops...when you're relaxing and complete at ease at the beach. However, sometimes, those perfect double exposures just happen magically, and showcases the magnificent beauty of nature - double time!

Photo by dearjme

Hawaii has a plentiful bounty of beautiful and rich natural landscapes and places to visit. Anyone, visitor or local, can attest to the seemingly unending beautiful places on the islands that can be perfect for photos.

Photo by dearjme

For this piece of Analogue Lifestyle, I’ve picked my favorite beach shots from around Oahu to showcase to you wonderful Lomographers – all in double exposure mode! We’ll see if the saying is indeed true: double means, double the fun?

Photo by dearjme

I’ve found that my personal preference for doubles usually shines through when I expose contrasting images, as opposed to doubling two similar shots upon the other. In most cases, this happens when the double exposure is taken of a nature shot, then of a person or an inanimate thing, like a street sign or my favorite Lomography camera.

The beach is so fantastic and picturesque of the idea of paradise that sometimes, the photos can begin to all look the same. This isn’t a bad thing, because, honestly, who doesn’t want to see lots of beautiful sand-and-waves photos? However, sometimes, it’s nice to change up the mix, and MX is perfect for this.

Photo by dearjme

@Hodachrome has some amazing up-and-down doubles in his Lomohome, and this photo above is my tribute to his ideas! The double exposure makes it seem as if there are two islands and beaches, but obviously, we Lomographers know how to take advantage of our vantage point. Not surprisingly, this photo has always gotten great reactions from my friends.

Photo by dearjme

When things get rough, and the day-to-day grind gets tough, taking a short drive to the beach with a loved one or some close friends is always an unfailing way to relax and feel free, if only just for a little bit of time. Double exposures can show the way nature and urban life clash, which is the way I feel sometimes in Hawaii, where we sometimes struggle to keep nature untouched from the ever-growing metropolis state of mind.

Photo by dearjme

Going to the beach during non-typical hours, such as dawn or dusk, is always a great way to experience something different. A beach is transformed during the hours of the rising and setting of the sun, and to double exposure a great shot with a portrait is also an intimate way to combine different perspectives.

Sometimes, overexposing the doubles can lead to a dreamier effect. We all know that while doubling the shots, we’re supposed to compensate for exposure by using a smaller aperture or a faster shutter speed – however, sometimes Lomography doesn’t happen logically! Some of my favorite beach doubles are grossly overexposed, but in a beautiful way.

Photo by dearjme

Finally, there are the few multiple exposure shots that take up three or more shots in one! Honestly, I need to work more on pulling these off, but the beach tends to make all messy shots still look extremely nice.

There are many aspects to the beach that can be highlighted through MX through whatever method you choose to employ. Most times, you don’t even need to think…just shoot!

written by dearjme

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