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Travel, Meet, and Shoot with Superkulisap and His LomoDiary

This Lomographer from Manila, Philippines sure did use the definition of "Community" very well. He might just be voted most friendly here in our humble abode of analogue lovers as he tries to see and know more of his fellow Lomographers.

You have probably came across his LomoHome or if not, his stunning Lomographs in doubles and slides. Heard of superkulisap? Then you should get to know him as his real name, too!

A passionate traveler who just can’t leave an analogue camera while he’s moving around, Ivan does not only take analogue memories through the lens but also leaves really good acquaintances behind. Know for yourself as superkulisap let’s us in his LomoDiary!

Photo by superkulisap

Full Name: Ivan Diaz
Lomography Username: superkulisap
Location: Manila, Philippines
Number of years as a Lomographer: More than two years
Number of years in the Community: Less than two years

Kindly relate to us any memorable experience, whether happy or sad, you’ve had in relation to Lomography.

The moment I mixed my love for film and my obsession for traveling in own country means a lot to me. Traveling with film made me more practical and versatile in different ways, made me see the world in a different perspective, and made it easier for me befriend a total stranger.

Have you met good friends from the Community?

Good friends would be an understatement. The friends I met and made in this Community are awesome! I would love to meet more of my international LSI friends if given a chance.

Did you meet your special someone through Lomo?

Already met her before I joined the Community. As early as now, I am inviting my local Lomo friends to cover my wedding (2-4 years from now) on film. And of course, film (slide) is on them!

Did Lomography play any significant part in your life that it actually changed it?

I’m actually living with two of the Golden Rules of Lomography. Rule #1, Take your Lomo everywhere you go. Since I started shooting Lomography, I never stepped out of the door without a camera with me. Rule #3, Lomography is not an interference in your life, but a part of it. I have this growing collection of film cameras (41 cameras to date) and my thirst to add more to it will never be quenched.

Tell us a story in which Lomography or the Lomographic Community has been a great part of.

Film swaps and meeting local and international Lomographers is a fun thing to do. Few months ago, during my side trip in Bangkok, I planned to meet Pui (dakadev_pui) and Pung (134340) but unfortunately, they’re too busy to do a meet and greet so I just left my films for our doubles at the Lomo HQ Bangkok (their staff is nice). The most recent film swap project I did was with Rene (renenob). Also did doubles with Nicole (nazicole) and Ana (anabananarama) last year. I still have pending projects with other Lomographers both locally and internationally. You should try it too!

What are the emotions that best explain this story you have? What are your thoughts about it?

It’s actually not a story but more of an experience. You get to know the Lomographer by analyzing how he/she framed his/her subject, know your cultural differences, and share different shooting techniques. It’s overwhelming to see great results, coincidence, and happy accidents.

If ever this experience did not occur in your life, what kind of person are you right now?

If I wasn’t exposed to the world of Lomography, I’d probably be doing something less eccentric.

Come and take a look at Ivan’s gallery of wonderful Lomographs and his story behind them!

Photo by superkulisap

Off the wall – I love Vans as much as I love Lomography. You won’t see me outside wearing other brand of shoes other than Vans.

Photo by superkulisap

Spin and make friends – Total strangers are no longer strangers. With my experience with the Spinner 360, those who asked what was it I’m pulling became my friends. A little talk about Lomography will get the job done.

Photo by superkulisap

Work to travel – Picture depicts my passion to travel. This is one of the results from my doubles with dakadev_pui.

Photo by superkulisap

At the cross I bow my knee – Every Sunday I play the piano in our church and this picture best describes my devotion to it. Also, it’s my favorite song from Hillsong. This is one of the results from my doubles with renenob.

Photo by superkulisap

Lomolove – Picture shows me and my travel buddy, companion, someone special, and special someone, name it!

Every shot is captured not only having the intention of exposing a good frame, but also recording the time and space that was spent with it: a shutter button is pressed, a story is about to start. And through LomoDiary is where it is being told. Every month, we talk to one of our very esteemed member from the Community to share with us stories behind their Lomographs. Want to be our next storyteller? Drop us a line then at

written by mayeemayee


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