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Manila CitySlicker Felix: Strolling Down Monochromatically

For their recent assignment, we asked our Manila CitySlickers to share a slice of their life in the city in black and white. Let us take a look at the monochrome snaps of Felix and the stories behind them after the jump!

Photo by feelux

One day, I woke up wanting to do something new. So, I loaded a roll of Kodak BW400CN in my Canonet and let my camera run wild. The BW400CN was my 4th roll for the Canonet and my first try at black and white film.

It was a cloudy morning…

I proceeded to the shuttle station on the way to work. I was snapping away like a mad man who was limited to 36 shots.

I tried new things—specifically, I didn’t hide my camera but flaunted it like no one cared. I took photos with random subjects, anything under the sun.

Photo by feelux

As I was taking that photo, the shuttle barker asked me: “Are you a photographer?” with a smile. He was used to seeing me there everyday, he’s familiar with me; I replied with a soft “No” and smiled back thinking that I implied that I was just a hobbyist.

I quickly ended the thought and proceeded to planning subjects to shoot—subjects that I see everyday but didn’t have the time to take out the camera, or was too shy to bring a camera out.

At lunch, my friend and I ate at a food court of a neighboring building for the first time. We had good seats and an awesome view. I prepared my camera and prepared to shoot while eating, making the most out of every minute of the lunch break.

We chatted for the remainder of the break and headed back to our workplaces. On the way back to work, I couldn’t resist this magnificent structure that has (surprisingly) one of the best and nearest food courts to our workplace.

Next thing I knew, I was back at work. I decided to take a breather and mess around with my camera for a bit (shhhh).

Finally, after work, (here comes the best part) I was able to hang out with my friends! Some well deserved rest, relaxation, and fun!

Try it, look at your own routine differently, explore new things, take note of the little things, and most of all, enjoy!

written by feelux

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