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Canadian Traveler, SpunkyGirl's Return to Thailand

If you haven't already checked out Spunkygirl Monologues, you are missing out on the scoop! Spunkygirl, other wise known as Pamela, is a Canadian traveler. She is currently on one of her biggest, and longest quests for adventure, while taking her Lomo LC-A camera. She will pass all her personal boundaries and test herself as she starts her journey in Thailand. Take a look at what Pamela has experienced during her trip so far!

I’ve visited Thailand 4 or 5 times in the last 2 years. It’s a country filled with intrigue, amazing food, and friendly locals. While I adore the country as a whole, I have a love affair with the capital city, Bangkok.

Spirit Houses can be seen throughout the city. These shrines (for lack of a better word) are the heart and soul of Buddhist culture. They’re sacred. It’s always a shock to see one that has been destroyed, and when I do, I wonder what has happened to the offenders karma. May they be reincarnated into a leper!

Bangkok is a city of industry. It’s a place where replicas are made of just about everything, and sold on the streets. Knockoffs are against the law, but cops make money by offering ‘protection’ to the vendors, and they simply look the other way. This is true for many areas of Bangkok, especially the red light districts.

Bangkok is a melting pot of culture, which makes for interesting meals. Although there are some fabulous restaurants in the city, the best food is usually found on the street, or in someone’s home. I’ve been blessed to have several local meals cooked for me. The rolls being cooked in this photo are vegetarian, and quite spicy. It’s taken me months to get use to them, but now, I absolutely love them!

There are over a million refugees in Bangkok. Two years ago I was introduced to 7 refugee families, and since then I have become quite attached to them. I visit them each time I’m in the city. Life as a refugee is dangerous. They need to be invisible, which is why this photo has been blurred.

Each time I visit the refugees, we take a couple of photos. It’s a way to break the ice, and to distract the kids. When I see the children again, I will bring the newest photos with me. This little girl found her photo in the stack, and she could not stop smiling. She stared at it over, and over.

One of the reasons why I’m in Bangkok, is to run a program called “photolanthrophy”, where I take kids from the railway slums, and teach them photography. These children live in homes made from whatever scraps their parents could find. There is garbage everywhere, and the water is not fit for anything. Their life is meager, yet they are children, and they find ways to smile.

Bangkok is one of those cities that have captured my heart. I love this city, and when I find a quiet street (which is very rare), I can’t help but slow down, and soak in my surroundings. This city is magical.

I have 2 more months in Bangkok, and while I’m here I’lll be exploring hidden corners, and sneaking a peek at the seedy side. I’ll go on a couple of visa runs (not sure where yet), and document daily life. I love Bangkok, and I’m thrilled to have it as my first LomoAmigo city.

Check out Pamela’s LomoAmigo article. To follow up on the latest news from Pamela, wait for our next chapter from her journey! You can also visit her website: Spunkygirl Monologues!

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written by jeanettelee

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