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Analogue for a Day: Photo shoot at the Park

For my first "Analogue For A Day," I decided it would be appropriate to try out a photo shoot with my friend Erika, strictly with film. I had done some digital photo shoots in the past, sometimes bringing along a film camera or two, but never before did I give my full trust to film...until now. Read on!

Photo by dearjme

Sometimes, it’s difficult to rely solely upon film. What if the negative is incorrectly exposed? What if i miss a shot because I’m too focused on tweaking my ancient Canon AE-1 Program? What if the end result has a color cast I dislike?

Personally, I love taking my friends out for photo shoots. It’s fun, exciting, and I know my friends feel great to be a pseudo-model for the day, posing for the camera. Most of the time, someone always has their digital camera on hand, just to make sure they get the shots that a digital screen ensures.

When I brought my close friend Erika to the park to shoot a nature-themed photo shoot, she gasped when I told her all I had brought along were my film cameras – my Canon AE-1 and my Lubitel 166+. “Will that be okay???” she asked me, worried. “Yes, yes it will,” I replied. I smiled because I knew that I had wanted try out this purely analogue experience for awhile, and now I was going to finally do it!

We found great places, with lots of natural light for proper exposure – I wanted to avoid dim locations that may trick my Canon into incorrect exposure. The gardens that we visited were quaint and secluded, a great escape from the daily grind.

Photo by dearjme

Unfortunately, some of my fears were realized. I did have some trouble focusing correctly in the places with trees and shade, which can be seen in the above photo.

Photo by dearjme

And many of the photos were overexposed…

Photo by dearjme

But, I did come out with a few gems, and some really great photos that had all the qualities that I love about Lomography. I had an accidental double exposure, which turned out looking great and unplanned! It almost looks a bit vintage, too.

Photo by dearjme

And my favorite shot, seen right below, turned out absolutely perfect – awesome exposure, focus, balance, composition, and the great x-pro look that we all know and love. I can tell that this photo was taken by film, because it’s got that authentic quality we yearn to see in our Lomographs.

Photo by dearjme

Overall, taking a chance and ditching the digital was a really good experience. I learned how to trust my instincts more deeply, to pay more attention to the photo, and to really just “let go,” and let analogue do its thing. I enjoyed the results, despite some mistakes, but I intend to learn from those mistakes and better my next all-analogue photo shoot in the future.

See my entire photo shoot with Erika here.

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written by dearjme

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