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Livin' Life with My La Sardina: One Day, One Film and Tons of Strawberries

On Tuesday the 10th of April, I decided to take my La Sardina Möbius out for a spin to make a journal of my day. I was joined by a roll of Lomography's X-Pro Chrome 100 and Fritz the Blitz for what promised to be be a busy day in a student's week off.

Photo by undiscovered

At 8AM on Tuesday morning the 10th April, my cellphone blasted me out of sweet dreams with my usual wake-up song: Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division. It has such a nice and building intro, I never get bored of hearing it. Alas, with this wakeup-call, I knew it was time for the most dreadful part of the day: the morning picture I had promised myself to take. Otherwise I wouldn’t be reporting my whole day, since the way I wake up is always decisive of how the rest of the day is going to work out. So. As you can see, I’m clearly related to Sleeping Beauty…

First dilemma of the day: what to wear?

Photo by undiscovered

After having picked out my clothes, showered and brushed my teeth – no, I didn’t have breakfast; bad habit, I know – I jumped in the car with my parents to drive to Gent which is about 160km away. It’s on the other side of Belgium, seen from where I live which is in Gruitrode, a tiny village full of farmers and retired folks. We went there to go clean my studio because that’s where I live during the week since I go to college in Gent. The dreary weather didn’t make the ride more pleasant. I’m not a big fan of sitting in the car.

Arriving at my studio (the white building), we noticed my mother didn’t bring the cleaning products and the hoover had no bag in it. What to do now? Well, during the ride my stomach started to growl so I decided it was time to get some food in there. I put some yummy tomato soup with vegetables in the microwave.

Finishing the soup, we were wondering what to do next. We couldn’t possibly start cleaning without any material to do so. So what now? Time to do some shopping!

Photo by undiscovered

(I decided to buy the yellow and the blue dress.) After successfully acquiring two dresses, mom found out her stomach was still growling. A bowl of soup doesn’t glut one’s stomach too much, you know. So we went to a restaurant to get it filled properly. We chose the famous “Pakhuys” as our destination, which is a beautiful old property that used to be a storehouse. I chose to eat a steak, although I normally am not a steak-y person. Mom followed my lead and dad picked out the cushion of a pig. It was de-licious.

Mom and I generally never leave a restaurant without a dessert. She chose a light fruit sorbet, whereas I went for the chocolate moelleux with a scoop of caramel ice cream. Omnomnomnomnom!

Afterwards, I took my parents to my favourite fruitmarket near de Vrijdagmarkt since I needed some strawberries for later on. I showed them the way passing cute stores and also my favourite street, the “graffiti street”. It’s so great because it’s different everytime you pass through the narrow alley way.

Finally we came near my fruit market and when we were at a few meters distance, we could already smell those fresh strawberries! After buying 2kg (yes, 2 kilograms of strawberries!) we decided it was time to get home. We had quite the drive ahead of us and I still had to go out to see my friends that evening.

Photo by undiscovered

When we got home I hurried to change into something new and to freshen up a bit. Before jumping back in the car, I petted our garage cat Dobby. She doesn’t want to come inside, because we already have a cat and she doesn’t like him.

Photo by undiscovered

Arriving at Tine’s place, my other 2 friends hadn’t arrived yet so we waited for a while. When they got there we just started talking and gossiping. It had been a while since we had seen eachother. We used to be inseperable but when we had to go to college, we all chose different cities. I went to Gent, Zoë to Brussels, Eva to Antwerp and Tine to Leuven. So when we now see eachother we have a lot to discuss! It’s more fun than it looks on the photo!

I had taken my strawberries with me because we planned on making Strawberry Daiquiri cocktails! They’re so good! We used a TON of strawberries, rum, lime and crushed ice. It’s actually very simple! So we started cutting the strawberries with the occasional picture in between.

Tine’s dog Witzy decided to take a look too. I decided to blind him with Fritz.

Photo by undiscovered

When the Daiquiries where finished, we decided it was time for some posse-pictures!

Then it was time to do some Singstar, since all four of us are undeniably talented singers. Ahum.

After a lot of warbling, we decided it was time to go find our own beds at home. When I got there, I found my mother already sleeping like a log on the couch with her true love Boes snoring next to her. I got tired too and climbed the stairs to my room.

Photo by undiscovered

But before turning off the lights after another fun day in my week off school, I read a bit as I always do. At that moment, I was reading “Oranges are Not the Only Fruit” by Jeanette Winterson. It’s quite good! But when I got too tired to read on, it was time to turn out the lights and sink into a deep sleep only to be woken up yet again the next morning by the incredible Ian Curtis.

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written by undiscovered

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