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Love at First Lomo: LC-A+, My Companion

This is the story between me and my first lomo love, LC-A+. It brings me happiness, hilarious, joyful, love, amaze and a lot of funs. LC-A+ is just part of my life.

Photo by guitarleo

I love to take photos, because photos can immortalize every single moment. I feel like I can go through my life when I view those photos. I started with digital photography, a light point and shoot compact digital camera. Then I moved to a DSLR, which is heavy and expensive, but with more controls.

But one day, I saw my friend using one tiny black camera. I was curious. He told me that it was the LC-A, a film camera. For me, film is just expensive because digital camera can save money on film. I heard about LOMO for such a long time, but I didn’t know anything about LOMO. But then I was amazed when I looked through my friend’s photos. The colors, contrast, vignette, saturations, are all holding my eyes. I knew that I want one of this.

After did some research, I decided to get an LC-A+ RL. At the same time, I bought the Wide Angle Lens, Splitzer, Instant Back, and the Colorsplash Flash. Yes, it was expensive, but with the discount when bought in bundle, it was worth every penny.

The first roll of film that I loaded into LC-A+ was Fuji Superia 100. I went to Melaka to attend my friend’s wedding dinner. The result was not impressive. LC-A+ is a zone focus camera, and I was not familiar with it because all the while, I was using fully auto focus cameras. When I see all clear in the view finder, I just pressed the shutter. My mind told me that it was in focus. But actually, I needed to choose the focus distance, which is 0.8m, 1.5m, 3m and infinity. Now, question again. How far is 0.8m? How far is 1.5m? I used a tape to measure, and finally I figured out that from my shoulder up to the tip of my middle finger is about 0.7m. So, my fully extended arm plus roughly around 0.1m, is 0.8m. Now, I can just roughly guess the distance, which makes shooting faster.

I brought the LC-A+ with me during my Bali trip. It was just the second roll of film. Shooting just became so easy and fun. It was light, easy to operate, and easy to carry around. But something went wrong when I tried to shoot with Instax film.

All instant photos came out in black, yes, and no image at all. I thought the LC-A+ was broken, after just the second roll of film. Some more, I was on a leisure trip, my mood just dropped from highest point to the lowest. After few trial and error, everything back to normal. I just didn’t know how it fixed. I was thinking that my LC-A+ was a faulty unit. The problem occurred again when I once again attached the Instant Back. Finally, I just figured out what was the problem. My LC-A+ is not a faulty unit—it was my fault. I learned a lesson: always read your manual. When attached with the Instant Back, always make sure that the advance wheel is fully turned. If it is not, no matter how many times you switch the MX button, the aperture blade just won’t open. I could hear the sound of ‘click’, but this is not the way.

The LC-A+ is my best companion. I always travel around with it. I use it to capture my travel moments. No matter if it day or night, sunny or cloudy, indoor or outdoor, I always carry my lovely LC-A+. It just follows my every step. It helps me to capture my memories in the film. My girlfriend, family, and friends are my targets; they can never run away from my LC-A+.

My story will continue in analogue, with the LC-A+, my best friend.

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written by guitarleo

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