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Just Another LomoArch: Artichekt

He is a lomographer who doesn’t need any introduction, a lomoarch that you’ll be pleased to read about. He does magic with analogue cameras and he’s able to involve real buildings with charmed atmospheres. Without further ado, I have the honour to present you our first LomoArch: artichekt!

Photo by artichekt

artichekt’s dream was to build boats but he ended up designing buildings and loving it. Passionate about arts in general, he believes that analogue photography has soul, what allows him to capture one building’s own soul, if it has one.

He is a Lomographer full of creative motivations and Lomography feeds his architectonical veins. Lost in big scales architectures he finds in the Horizon Perfekt his best friend and with it he sees everything in cross-processed colours. He has lomographed buildings from architects with big names but has the will of following the path of old school architects. Through analogue cameras he searches to catch instant emotions with the abstract factor that only lomo cameras can give and he has a unique LomoStyle that certainly inspires a large number of LomoArchs and not only.

What -alia- likes the most: the perspectives, the framings and his different points of view.

Enough of forewords I leave you with this unique LomoArch’s words.

Name: Tim Feldkamp
LomoHome: artichekt
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Lomographer since: 2nd of August 2010, 10.30h a.m.
Architect since: Graduation in 1998, member in the association of architects since 2000

Can you make a short resume of yourself as a Lomographer as well as an Architect?

Let me begin with me as an architect. Well, actually I always wanted to build boats from when I was a little kid. Somehow I turned out to be an architect. But wow, I found a real passion in architecture! When you study architecture you arrive at a point when you realize that “Architect” is not a profession you learn in an academic way accumulating a huge quantity of “knowledge”. But you become an architect. It’s kind of an empiric thing, you get to the point when you feel “now I know what all this is about”. It’s kind of the point of cognition when you start seeing the world in a different way. And I am convinced that a good architect is able to distinguish quality from personal taste.

Ahhh, this should be short. Okay, here you go: I love urban design, I hate reviewing invoices, I love regionalism, I hate the faceless global design, I love wood and stone, I hate plastic.

Well, me as a lomographer: Being into art (such as painting, drawing and piano) for decades but having no time (I had to quit my studio and my band) I am very thankful that I found Lomography as a valve for excessive creative energies. Lomography is fast, spontaneous, the camera is always ready… Okay, a digital cam is a lot faster, but it’s not sensual, it has no soul. Analogue photography offers me a sensual way to give my photos the abstraction that is needed to express the emotion of the moment. And it’s faster than painting! ;-)

Why are you in this LomoWorld, being an Architect?

Actually there is no correlation between my profession and my motivation to sign in here. But after a little more than a year in this community I realize that the continuous exchange of information and experience with other Lomographers makes not only maturing my LomoStyle but it also helps me to understand what I am doing at all! Retrospective: Destiny led me here to enrich my life and fill my architectonical veins!

How do you see Lomography and Architecture bonded?

Both are art, both give you the possibility to express yourself. Architecture in the big scale, Lomography in the small scale. An architectural project takes you years to see the result – Lomography gives you the satisfaction within just a couple days. And one more thing: Architecture with soul can only be photographed with a camera with soul if you want to show the spirit of it. Is there a better way to photograph architecture than with our beloved little curious machines? I guess not.

Which camera and film best portrays your Architecture visions? Why?

As I already mentioned my architectural heart beats for the big scale things: urban design, public spaces. So obviously my Horizon Perfekt is my first choice. It is wide, it is brilliant, it is big, it is heavy – it is the right machine to take photos very consciously (yes I know, I’m not very much into this hip shot thing… And as far as the film is concerned: I love watching the colourful power of the cross processed Fuji family that a lot of our friends here keep using. But for my work I prefer the films that have more neutral colour characteristics when cross processed. My number one choice: Kodak E100VS – followed by the Lomo x-pros 200 and 100. But I’m thinking of trying a Velvia and her sisters one day! Doubtless: cross processed! ;-) And I recently used the contrasty Adox CHS 25 sailing on the North Sea. This b/w film is hot! Gotta try it on architecture when the sun comes out in Spring!

Ending, simple questions demand simple answers. What Architect and building did/would you prefer to take Lomographs?

What I did: Lots of photos of the Gehry buildings here in Düsseldorf. It’s something like a love-hate relationship between me and the buildings designed by Frank O. Gehry. I could write down a book with all the arguments why Gehry is not a real architect in my opinion. But I appreciate his work anyway. I think he is one of the best sculptors on this planet.

What I keep doing: The place I grew up is known for coal and steel industry and its structural adaption into high tech offices, habitation, leisure, cultural facilities. I really like to collect snapshots of the present situation during this still ongoing process.

What I would love to do: Taking pictures of the buildings designed by Gropius, van der Rohe – I would love to take 3.689 photos minimum in Brasilia – and…: since I started photographing in the old fashioned way I haven’t been where I really feel at home: Italy! So on January 1st I will take my Horizon and go to Tuscany for a week. You will soon find some nice photos showing the art of Italian urbanism in my Lomohome.

Liliana de Sousa is living as a foreigner around the world since 2004 but is originally from Portugal. She’s an architect with the will of sharing architecture through lomographers eyes. Read more about Just Another Lomoarch series.

written by -alia-


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    Thank you everyone (and those still to come up!) ...for your support! for all the lomolove!!! I love you guys! ;-)

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    As fellow Architect from Germany, I share the love-hate for Frank O. Gehry, i´ve seen the buildings in Düsseldorf and I have to say they are Sculptures and not buildings.
    Photography and Architecture are allways related and you have found a great way to capture the soul of buildings and there unique message they provide.
    I came to Lomography through my time at University, one of my Friends there gave me a SuperSampler for my Birthday and so all began.
    Seeing the pictures reminds me, that there is a roll of unscanned film of exactly the same buildings which are in the Article. I have to scan them soon.

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