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My 2011 in Analogue: Novakmisi's Lomography Activity in 12 Pieces

Here are the photos which highlight 2011. All photos were taken from my LomoHome.

It’s very difficult to choose my best of 2011 because I have a lot of favorites. But it’s easy to pick up January and December, why? The January photo is my experiment from a dishwasher, taken in my favorite place to shoot, a lake in St. Moravica. I love this photo because it’s very colorful. There are eleven colors : green, yellow, orange, red, blue, white, dark red, black, purple, light blue and cyclamen. Also, you can find it in January’s Most Popular Photos of 2011.

Taken with Lomo Smena 8M used Kodak Ektachrome Lumiere 100, expired film.

For December, I am waiting to upload my 10,000th photo to the Lomography site. This will hopefully happen between Christmas and New Year. I made an experiment with a light painting with the Canon EOS 300 on expired Ferrania Solaris 100. I went out to see the snowy nature and looked for landscapes near my town, but all colored in red. I will become an Analogue Grandmaster, only 10 pieces to find!

Taken with Canon EOS 50e on Fujicolor HG 100, expired in 1993 – push film on 200 ASA and bathed in iron solution

November was very interesting in my life. I was a Lomography teacher in high school Bolyai in Senta, Serbia. I worked for 3 school hours for young painters about Lomography. When I finish, I decided to go to visit foggy Tisza riverside which is near the shool. When I saw an old man walk over to a sculpture, I ran and took his photo. I used an iron solution and wrote a tipster article. The old man and the ferryman was mine!

Photo by novakmisi

March was also a great month for me. Mr. Pal Schmitt, President of Hungary, received my Lomography work as a gift when he visited the Dezső Kosztolányi high school in Subotica, Serbia. I made doubles with myself. The first layer was taken on a Victor Vasarely exhibition with a Lomo LC-A and the details from buildings were taken with a Canon EOS 50e on Konica 100 expired film.

Photo by novakmisi

I was waiting for a Super Moon in March but I had bad luck. It was cloudy the whole night and I decided to wait for the full moon in April instead. The photo below is another doubles with myself. The first layer is a full moon taken with a 500mm objective and the second layer is a farm house taken with a polar filter on a sunny day.

Taken with Canon EOS 300 on Techno Color 100, 2004 expired film

February, some guys told me about a lame swan who lives in a lake near my town. I went out to find the swan and took my Canon EOS 300 with 500mm objective and 2x converter on Profi 200 film expired in 2009. I decided to cook the film in a bicarbonate of soda. This is a modification of a tipster by mephisto19.

Photo by novakmisi

In July, I held a Lomo training in a Photo Camp for kids in Horgos, Serbia. I made some doubles with a young friend, Szebi. The theme was wood. I took the photo with a mask using my Canon EOS 300 on Ferrania Solaris 100, expired in 2008. We were together for 5 days, it was great fun for all!

Photo by novakmisi

In June, I took out my film to make doubles with some shots that I took in March. I met a star photographer Michal Galezowski fro Poland. With his permit, I made doubles on his start portraits. This was a cultural meeting of friendship among the towns of Serbia, Israel, Finland, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Russia and Romania in Szentes Hungary.

Taken with Lomo Smena 8 with orange filter on Fujicolor Superia 100 expired in 2006
Madonna is on my photo with a little duck on hers head

In May, I was visited by my painter friends on an art colony. I made doubles with myself again. The first layer I made with a Fisheye objective in a vegetable market. The second layer, I made with a Smena 8 at a dinner in the Art Colony 9+1 in St. Moravica, Serbia.

Fujicolor 200 expired film.

In August, we spend the holidays in a Bulgarian seaside. I wanted to shoot the sunrise and woke up at 5am. It was pretty cold during the wait. I didn’t have luck that time with the sun; it was a very cloudy and foggy dawn. I went and drank some Jack Daniels. Some people were jogging by the seaside. That time, I was in the right place at the right time.

Taken with Lomo Smena 8M with handmade wide lens on Ferrania Solaris 100 expired in 2008.

September was the month when I used an infrared film for the second time. This was album 500 that I uploaded on Lomography. The photo at my favorite lake was taken with an old Chinon camera with a film transport problem.

Taken with Chinon CA4 on Efke IR 820 film and long time exposure

In October, the Szatyor Gallery in Budapest, Hungary launched a competition for lomo photographers with the topic “Connection Between Lomography and Cinema”. The best works that were submitted are now on the walls of Szatyor Gallery, chosen by the jury consisting of Attila Haberland (creative director of Artificial Group, Tamás Dobos photographer and Andrea Éva Tóth esthete). I won the second place there. I made doubles with myself, the first layer made in the exhibition in Budapest, Hungary and the second was made in my town, Subotica, Serbia. This was during an engagement of a neighbor’s son.

Taken with Lomo Smena 8M on Ferrania Solaris 100, expired in 2008

What do I say? The future is analogue!

As film photographers, our photos become part of our journey through everyday life. For this year’s series, our Lomographers encapsulate their trials, joys and the various highlights of their lives in 2011. Read more articles on the Year Ender series.

written by novakmisi


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