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LomoPeople Malaysia: Aslamiah

The first time I met her was in February 2001 and I fell in love straightaway. She is the reason why I am still breathing and my Lomography history started with her.

Her name is Aslamiah.

Photo by lannshaukani

I still remember when she asked me what I would like to have for my birthday. I answered that I wanted a Fisheye No. 2. “What? Fisheye No. 2?” Then I showed her a photo from the Lomography website. Again she was like “What are these?”. She had no idea about Lomography.

Fast forward, we went out for a date. While we were having lunch, she took out a box from her handbag and gave it to me. Once I touched the box, I could feel the thing inside. Yes! It was the Fisheye No. 2! I was so excited back then. I couldn’t believe that she finally gave me the Fisheye No. 2 as a birthday gift.

She started to ask me questions about it. “Why move backwards? Nobody is using film now.” I smiled at her and said “I have no feeling towards digital.” Honestly, I have no talent taking pictures using digital cameras.

Then she started questioning “why move backward? Nobody is using films now.” I smiled to her and said, “coz I have no feel towards digital.” Honestly, I got no talent capturing pictures using digital cameras. As time went by, the Holga and Colorsplash were added to my collection. I gave Aslamiah the opportunity to take photos of me using my cameras.

Here are the photos that she took using my cameras:

Our wedding day is just 2 weeks away. Aslamiah has decided to give me the Sprocket Rocket as my wedding gift and I will giver her a Holga 120GN since she wants to get involved in Lomography after our wedding ceremony. I don’t mind the complexity of using a Holga as for me, a Holga is simple and suitable for a beginner like Aslamiah and I am willing to help her the A to Z of Lomography.

Dear love, hopefully you will love Lomography as much as I love you. Please pray for our happiness guys!

written by lannshaukani


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    Btw, teruja tengok gambar no 3 tu @lannshaukani . Nampak comel. kahkahkah!

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