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Decades in Space: 50's Space Pictures

Let’s take a look back at the important events in history as we celebrate Space Week! See some pictures from the 50's after the break.

image via ESA

Sputnik was the very first simulated satellite that was released on the Earth’s orbit. This historical event happened on October 4, 1957 and started what we identify as the ‘Space Age’. The Sputnik weighed more or less 184 lbs. but only had a diameter of 23 inches.

image via ESA

Above is the photo of Laika, the very first dog to circle the Earth. Laika paved the way for humans to be launched to outer space. She trained together with two other dogs and was the one chosen for the launch. Laika went aboard the Sputnik 2 and went to space on November 3, 1957. Unfortunately, she was unable to make it back alive, dying a few hours after the launch.

image via ESA

Luna 1
Luna 1 was the first spacecraft to get to the surrounding area of the moon, which was caused by a malfunction. There was a problem with the control system, thus missing the target point and traveling past the moon. Luna 1 was launched on January 4, 1959

image via ESA

Pioneer 4
The Pioneer 4 was a spacecraft included in the Pioneer Program, a program which launched unmanned space missions. It was launched on March 3, 1959 and was reportedly still in orbit in 1969. This cone-shaped spacecraft had a small probe acting as the antenna. Pioneer 4 was able to reach its goal of an Earth to Moon trajectory.

image via ESA

Sergey Korolyov
Sergey Korolyov was responsible for the designing, constructing, testing and launching of spacecrafts. He is known to many as the “Father of Practical Astronautics” because of his expertise in design and planning. Sergey Korolyov had a series of illnesses that eventually led to his demise. Even when he was diagnosed with disorders, he still continued his work and this led to complications that took his life.

These are some of the important events that shaped history. Watch out for more photos as we tackle each decade!

For more information on Space Week, visit World Space Week

written by jeanmendoza

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