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Autumn Leaves all Around, Autumn Leaves on the Ground!

Autumn. I only like it for a very short time; before the yellow leaves turn brown and mushy on the ground, before the daylight disappears completely. When you go outside and the sun is shining; the air is crisp and you walk just a little bit quicker than on a summer day.

The air feels just a little bit different when autumn comes. I like that it’s again “allowed” to snuggle up in a blanket and stay inside when the weather isn’t great. I love blankets.

When I was a kid I used to love kicking my way through the leaves on the ground whenever we went out and about. The sound, and just the fun of it.

Do kids even do that these days? I wonder; now that even 11 year olds have iPads. I think kids should be out more. Play more. Run around more. Use their imagination more. Stop taking things so seriously.
And I think you should try it too. Kick some leaves around, jump in a puddle of rain-water. Smell the air, enjoy the colours, listen to the sounds.

There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes – as we say in Sweden. But I’m quite the hypocrite right now because the weather is bad outside, or at least not something I want to run out to. Windy, wet and probably cold. And the sky is white. Boring white. Like someone’s put a blanket over the city. There’s not even clouds, it’s just one big white blanket.

It’s interesting how autumn is ten times more appealing when the sun is shining.

Enjoy the colours, enjoy life! Seasons come, seasons go, and there can be joy in anything just as long as you have your eyes set on enjoying it.

written by lighttomysoul

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