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Taxi Films and Cinema Cabbies

Taxi drivers are interesting characters. They come in a variety of quirks and personalities. With that said, here's a short list of some memorable films that featured taxis and their cabbies.

Esmarelda Villalobos: Pulp Fiction (1994)

The curious cab driver who assisted Butch Coolidge’s (Bruce Willis) escape after double-crossing the kingpin, Marcellus Wallace in fixed boxing match where he was supposed to throw the match in exchange for a large sum of money. He then learns from the cabbie (who was more curious than worried) that he killed his opponent.

Korben Dallas: The Fifth Element (1997)

From a passenger (Pulp Fiction) to a flying taxi driver, Bruce Willis plays an ex Special Forces major Korben Dallas who accidentally catches and saves a female humanoid named “Leeloo”, who is the key to defeating the Great Evil as the Fifth Element.

Max Durocher: Collateral (2004):

In this crime thriller, Max Durocher (Jamie Foxx) is a nightshift cab driver who picks up Vincent, a hitman disguised as a real estate agent who bribes Max into driving him for all of his “appointments” for the night. The plot later reveals all of the hitman’s targets and the reason behind the killings as Max gets caught up in between. Excellent performance from Foxx.

Corky: Night on Earth (1991):

Night on Earth is a collection of five vignettes which focuses on the single-serving, short-termed relationship of the taxi driver and the passenger. These events take place on the same evening in five different cities around the world. Corky (Winona Ryder), a sassy, cigarette smoking cabbie picks up a Hollywood talent scout. The two converse during the ride and somehow develop a connection despite their social differences. The scout realizes that Corky would be perfect for a part in the movie she’s working on.

Travis Bickle: Taxi Driver (1976):

Amazing performance from Robert De Niro. Here, he plays Travis Bickle, a former marine and a war veteran. With nothing better to do, he decides to become a taxi driver, working nearly 12 hours nightly wandering the streets of New York on account of his Insomnia and loneliness. His troubled, disillusioned mind starts to get worse as his frustrations slowly turn him violent, in a world that continuously alienates him, lashing his anger out on the society that he claims filled with scum.

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written by nyebe

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