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Festival Summer 2010

I love summer. I love being outside, enjoying the sunny weather. I love live music. I love taking photos. Combine all and you get "festival"

So summer 2010 is over… Time to sum up and show off some festival-summer-live-music-people-lomo-action:

This little hardcore festival is one of the first every year and takes place in Meerhout, Belgium. Even if you have the perfect weather the nights are still very cold since its in April. Its a festival of short ways and still relaxed even if we reached the 30000 people mark. This was my first festival through a plastic lens and I went film-shopping before. (Groezrock homepage)

Rockfest & Blackstar Festival
Another two festivals which took place in Belgium (Schaffen and Leopoldsburg)
Really small ones, like really really small. I’m bad in guessing, maybe 500 people?!
The festival area was more like a small backyard or a front garden and the shows were inside, that’s why I didn’t take many photos…but I loved the skatepark outside. (Rockfest homepage, Blackstar homepage)

Heeey finally a festival in Germany, Münster :)
One of the hottest. And I mean hot like melting hot and there was no escape from the sun cause of the lack of shadow. Oh lovely sunburn…not!
It was fun but it would have been more relaxed on a bigger festival area and with some shady trees…. (Vainstream homepage)

Another festival in Germany, Heren.
Another small one…bigger than Rockfest or Blackstar festival but still small. Maybe 2000 people. After a lot of sun this time it was all rainy. Bummer! But I don’t care getting wet when my favorite band Disco Ensemble is playing! Yeah! (Rüt’n’Rock homepage)

Area 4
Lüdinghausen Germany on an airfield.
This one was the biggest I attended this year. Like 30000 people but still relaxed.
The first festival where I had the heart to bring the Spinner 360° with me. I was a bit afraid that the securities won’t allow to bring it on the festival area but it was no problem. It’s so much fun to spin around and see all this surprised faces :D (Area 4 homepage)

Spinner 360° loaded with Fuji Sensia 200 and Kodak Elitechrome EB 100

As you can see I prefer the smaller festivals, not those giant impersonal ones like Rock am Ring.
Let’s see what 2011 will bring. I will definitely go to the Groezrock festival cause it will be the 20th anniversary. See you there!

written by spoeker

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