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  • Yuletide Holiday Destinations: Time to Visit Malta!

    Yuletide Holiday Destinations: Time to Visit Malta!
    If you are searching for a mix of art and culture on a wonderful island in the Mediterranean Sea, and if you're trying to escape the cold winter of the North of Italy of other European regions, you might want to visit Malta. In this article you can see some photos taken with my "poor man Leica", the wonderful Zorki 6! Take a look!
  • Lomography Day Trips: Malta

    Lomography Day Trips: Malta
    Blessed with a wealth of cultural and historical monuments, as well as recreational areas, the southern European archipelago of Malta is a gem in the Mediterranean.
  • Summer Hot Spots: Malta

    Summer Hot Spots: Malta
    Let’s go to an island, but not just any random island: in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, there’s a cool archipelago, the autonomous state of Malta!
  • Malta Series #7: Dwejra & Ramla Bay

    Malta Series #7: Dwejra & Ramla Bay
    There are two main natural beauties in Gozo that you can’t miss during your Maltese trip. Dwejra is a unique seawater lake, linked to the sea through a deep cleft in the rock; Ramla Bay is a stunning beach, famous for the particular reddish color of its sand. These two locations are both great for having fun and photographing.
  • Malta Series #6: Victoria

    Malta Series #6: Victoria
    Victoria, the capital of the island of Gozo is well-known for its characteristic historical citadel and for many monuments that you can find almost everywhere due to the constant changing of the populations that inhabit the city, making different kinds of buildings since the Neolithic times.
  • Malta Series #5: Mdina

    Malta Series #5: Mdina
    Mdina, the old capital of Malta before Valletta. It is called “the silent city” by natives and visitors because of the lack of the usual city noises, and is still confined within its walls. Just over 300 people live inside the historical citadel and even the savings of a lifetime is not enough to buy a house there.
  • Malta Series #4: Marsaxlokk

    Malta Series #4: Marsaxlokk
    Marsaxlokk is a little village far away from the busy cities of the Republic of Malta. It can offer you some great picturesque photo opportunities and abundant seafood dinners; even though it’s not the most important touristic site in the country, I assure you that this is one of the best places to visit for a photographer.
  • Malta Series #3: Comino

    Malta Series #3: Comino
    Comino is a small island, located between the two main islands of the Republic of Malta: Malta and Gozo. If you’re looking for a great place to dive, swim or just see some amazing and breathtaking panorama, Comino can offer all these in a single place.
  • Malta Series #2: Valletta

    Malta Series #2: Valletta
    If you are looking for a historical town which can inspire you, Valletta is the place for you! It’s a very diversified town, in which you can find some very different spaces and places derived from completely different origins and stories.
  • Malta Series #1: Mellieha

    Malta Series #1: Mellieha
    In the north area of the Republic of Malta’s main island (named Malta) there is a small town, which is a very popular place during the summer because of its amazing bay: Għadira Bay. Għadira means “pond”; the peculiar feature of this bay is that it is the most famous and longest beach shore in the entire state, so this is a favorite site in which citizens use to stay during the weekend.
  • Valletta through the Eye of a Lomo LC-A

    Valletta through the Eye of a Lomo LC-A
    Valletta is the capital city of Malta. A city rich with art, culture, and history. A place full of life, a great touristic place. Here I present to you some images of this wonderful city taken with the inimitable "eye" of my Lomo LC-A.
  • Baroque at its Peak

    Baroque at its Peak
    Take a peek with webo29 into St John’s Co-Cathedral - Valletta and Malta’s baroque gem. A unique repository of wonders dating back to the 16th century.
  • Spring Fling: Dwejra Bay

    Spring Fling: Dwejra Bay
    Dwejra Bay is a place of wild nature with a great natural arch that plunges into the sea, an ideal place for a romantic spring! Where is this beautiful place? It is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, in Malta (Island of Gozo).
  • Lomotrip to Malta

    Lomotrip to Malta
    A very special trip to the Mediterranean island of Malta with my Diana.
  • Out to Sea through the Inland Sea

    Out to Sea through the Inland Sea
    Out and about in Gozo? Looking for that unique place to visit? Well what about a cave in a cliff face which leads out into the open sea? Sounds pretty unique right? Well it is! Welcome to Gozo's Inland Sea!
  • Out to Sea: Sand and Sun at Riviera

    Out to Sea: Sand and Sun at Riviera
    Malta’s most popular beach might be Golden Bay, but sitting right next to it is Riviera, it's less obvious, more alluring sister with tons of potential and well, tons of sand too.
  • Out to Sea: Take a Boat Around the Grand Harbour

    Out to Sea: Take a Boat Around the Grand Harbour
    Having foreign colleagues over for a conference proved to be a pleasant experience for webo29 and his cameras. Admittedly, boat tours of the Grand Harbour are a very touristy thing to do, but who’s complaining?
  • Out to Sea: Ramla Bay

    Out to Sea: Ramla Bay
    If you’re on the island of Gozo, looking for a sandy beach to lay back and relax, sunbathe, swim or take a walk hand in hand, then Ramla Bay is the place for you! Writing for Telegraph Travel, Matthew Teller qualified the Bay, Gozo's longest beach, as one of the world’s best, and if you ask me, it’s not difficult to understand why.
  • Falling for Fall: The Azure Window

    Falling for Fall: The Azure Window
    What’s more romantic than gazing peacefully at one of nature’s most beautiful wonders whilst simultaneously leaving all your troubles behind? Few things. Then read on, and next time you visit Gozo, don’t forget to take your boyfriend or girlfriend here, squeeze his or her hand and tell him or her, that if you could, you’d put the window in a box and put it under the tree for Christmas.
  • Out to Sea: Marsaxokk, Malta’s Most Memorable Fishing Village

    Out to Sea: Marsaxokk, Malta’s Most Memorable Fishing Village
    You’d figure that Malta, being surrounded by sea and all, would be bursting with fishermen and in turn, fishing villages, but really and truly, that's not the case. At most I can think of two, Marsaxlokk being the most prominent one.