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  • The Tunnel - Austria

    The Tunnel - Austria
    Once a good friend of mine told me about an old tunnel somewhere in the mountains near the place I live. It is some kind of secret which everybody knows but nobody could tell where exactly you can find this tunnel. But Ronald found out where the entrance is and where the tunnel leads you to – he’s an adventurer with heart and sole.
  • Into the Wilderness - Haiming

    Into the Wilderness - Haiming
    If you want to see an eerie place you have to go into the woods of Haiming, a little village near where I live, when dusk rises. Most of the trees there are gnarly pines which used to look like bad monsters in the growing dark – if you have a little bit of fantasy and imagination.
  • Murinsel Graz

    Murinsel Graz
    When I heard of the Murinsel project for the first time I was very curious to see it: A cafe swimming in the midst of the river Mur! When I came to Graz I surely visited this extraordinary cafe. And I was fascinated by the realization of this project.
  • Kunsthaus Graz

    Kunsthaus Graz
    The Kunsthaus was built in 2003 when Graz was European Capital of Culture. It was designed by London architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier and is a very cool futuristic building – in my opinion it looks like a big blue space ship - situated near the river Mur between Südtiroler Platz and Lendkai.
  • Lurgrotte (Semriach)

    Lurgrotte (Semriach)
    The Lurgrotte is Austrian’s largest water flowing cave. It is situated in Styria in a little village named Semriach, 25 km away from Graz. The cave is five km long and you can see lots of drip stones, bizarre sinter formations, enormous rock domes and submontane canyons.
  • Gsellmann's Weltmaschine (Gsellmann's world machine)

    Gsellmann's Weltmaschine (Gsellmann's world machine)
    When you go on a holiday to Styria, a wonderful province of Austria with a breathtaking landscape, you will maybe hear of Gsellmann’s Weltmaschine. Franz Gsellmann who created this strange machine without any practical use was a farmer in Edelsbach near Feldbach in the middle of the Eastern Styrian Vulkanland.
  • Down By the Riverside (Ötztal Bahnhof)

    Down By the Riverside (Ötztal Bahnhof)
    When it is getting warmer outside and the sun shines until late in the evening my favorite place to be is down by the riverside, about five minutes to walk from where my apartment is situated. The river is called Inn and it is the main river flowing through Tirol, the name of the province I live.
  • Stuibenfall (Umhausen)

    Stuibenfall (Umhausen)
    The Stuibenfall is the highest waterfall in Tirol (256m high) which you can find a little bit outside the village Umhausen situated in the Ötztal. It is a very impressing an unforgettable natural spectacle and very easily to reach.
  • St. Stephen's Cathedral (Vienna)

    St. Stephen's Cathedral (Vienna)
    Ever felt so strange and like being totally childish mistaken with something? Now I have this feeling when I am trying to submit a place, that could be natural and boring for all the Austrian Lomographers, including the mighty LSI. That is the St. Stephan's Cathedral right in the center of the Vienna oldtown...
  • Vienna at Christmas Time

    Vienna at Christmas Time
    When I was first discovering Vienna 9 years ago it was around Christmas Time. I was very happy to stay there, of course, but coming from Nice, on the Cote d'Azur, where the winter temperature is nevre going under 10°, I was a little bit surprised of the cold and wet weather in Austria during this season.
  • "Unframed" - A Lomographic Exhibition at "SOHO in Ottakring" Festival ended over 6 years ago

    A Lomographic project by Katrin Hofmann and Matthias Hombauer www.lomohomes.com/soho The 2 Vienna based Lomographers originated a photo shooting of their favourite Viennese location- „the Brunnenmarkt“ area in the 16th district of good old Vienna using their LC-A. This multicultural market area with it’s high percentage of immigrants provided a perfect basis for an international double exposure project. The films were handed out to various Lomographers around the world which shot their favourite home town districts.
  • Wiener Wurstlprater

    Wiener Wurstlprater
    The oldest amusement park in the world. Go there in the evening, but don't go there alone. Take night time shots of all the colored lights of the amusement attractions (Speedy Gonzalez, Rollercoasters, Hall of Mirrors, Tunnel of Horror, Riesenrad). Free entry to the park, admissions varies from 1-10 Euro per ride. Closed in winter.
  • Alberner Hafen

    Alberner Hafen
    Alberner Hafen is located at the river Danube, at the south-east border of Vienna. This small port of trans-shipment was built around 1940 to ship crop from Eastern Europe. Somehow the plans didn't work out and the port remained non significant....
  • Vienna Central Cemetery

    Vienna Central Cemetery
    Go any day, any time. But take your time: This graveyard is the second biggest in Europe - so big that a bus goes through the whole area. There are many graves from famous people like Mozart, Beethoven and of course our beloved Falco...
  • Stadthallenbad (Vienna)

    Stadthallenbad (Vienna)
    Alright, so I like to swim. Actually I prefer doing it outside, but what do you wanna do in cold cold winter? RRRight, hitting the Stadthallenbad. It`s deadly cheap (2,50 day card for students) and also, like the Stadionbad in summer, an amazing Austrian socio-cultural frying pan.
  • Castle Schrofstein

    Castle Schrofstein
    Burg Schrofenstein, an abandoned castle ruin, is situated north-east from Stanz (a very old village of the Tiroler Oberland) near Landeck. To get there you need a car (it's signposted very well) and you should like hiking because you need to get up to the castle afoot. But if you arrived once you will not regret it.
  • Anywhere in Vienna,tall_building

    Anywhere in Vienna,tall_building
    Wherever you go and want to have a real view of the city you're visiting, you gotta check out the roof of a building. In Vienna, I recommend you to get into preferably old houses, mount up to the highest floor and check out if there is a little door or ladder that goes up to the rooftop.....
  • Stadionbad (Vienna)

    Stadionbad (Vienna)
    One of my favorite summer locations in Vienna, the Stadionbad is located in the heart of Vienna's Prater. Be sure to drop by this amazing swimming area under the blue sky, including 4 or 5 pools, lots of trees and green, a real wave-simulator and most importantly amazing Lomographic objects: right here the center of young proletarian-Austrian bathing culture is at home.
  • Stams in Tirol

    Stams in Tirol
    If you are a brave and courageous human and witches or wizards can't harm you, then it is right for you to go to the oak forest in Stams / Tirol.
  • Wotrubakirche

    One of the funkiest churches I've ever seen made from 152 blocks of concrete. Perfect for a Saturday walk