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Your search "Austria" resulted in 144 Articles

  • Film Festival Vienna

    Film Festival Vienna
    Imbibe a bit of culture and maybe a bit of action and comedy in the Film Festival in Vienna!
  • Listen to Classical Music

    Listen to Classical Music
    If you want to experience classical Viennese music but don't want to apy an arm and a leg for it, then you better listen up for some tips!
  • Vienna Concert House

    Vienna Concert House
    If you've got a bit of cash to spare, make sure not to miss a show at the Vienna Concert House for a once in a lifetime experience!
  • Belvedere Palace

    Belvedere Palace
    If you like beautiful baroque architecture and the magnificents paintings of Klimt you must come visit this fantastic palace.
  • Steinhof (Vienna)

    Steinhof (Vienna)
    Historical site and recreation area at the western border of Vienna - An absolute Vienna favorite.
  • Longplaypark at Obertauern

    Longplaypark at Obertauern
    As a snowboard-aficionado I just cannot help but introduce my favorite snowpark: The Lonplaypark in Obertauern / Salzburg. It might not be big, but the shaper's imagination totally make up for that!
  • Lomographic Society International HQ Vienna Austria

    Lomographic Society International HQ Vienna Austria
    This home to the plastic fantastic that we love to shoot with!
  • Burg Perchtoldsdorf

    Burg Perchtoldsdorf
    Its often hard to see the beauty in things you already know for all your life. For me one of those spots would be Perchtoldsdorf. A rather small market- town in lower Austria - just some minutes by bus from "the big city" - Vienna. Definitely worth a visit if you like wine as you can find many traditional wine- taverns all over the village. Perchtoldsdorf is a little dozen off - mainly wealthy housing area - and than there´s that tiny medieval center...
  • Chocolate cake at Vienna

    Chocolate cake at Vienna
    If you need some rest from all the impressions you got by walking through the city of Vienna and have a little bit of a hypoglycemia sugar is the best thing to fight it! Take some time out at the Kunsthalle-Café am Karlsplatz. If there is summer in the city take place in a very comfortable canvas chair and feel like on a green city beach. A friendly waitress will come soon and ask for your desires.
  • Museumsquartier, Vienna

    Museumsquartier, Vienna
    If you are interested in several kinds of art, like contemporary art, expressionism, dance, architecture, and so on, don’t miss to visit the Museumsquartier! There your artistic heart will beat faster and cut little capers.
  • Fortress Kufstein

    Fortress Kufstein
    Fortress Kufstein ist the landmark of the city of Kufstein, a picturesque town in the Tyrolean Unterinntal. The fortress is situated above the city and it is a very impressing building which exists since the 11th century.
  • Castle Rattenberg

    Castle Rattenberg
    Rattenberg is a little historic town in the Tyrolean Unterinntal where you can find lots of old and picturesque buildings. It is really worth to take a walk through the medieval Old Town with its cosy cafes and lots of glassware shops.
  • Kitzeck

    Kitzeck is the highest vineyard village in Austria and is situated in the southern Styrian Vineland in the Sausal. Since 900 years there is cultivated vine because of the mild climate - even figs grow there! The Kitzecker vine is well known all over the country and even furthermore the boarders of Austria.
  • Castle Riegersburg

    Castle Riegersburg
    Castle Riegersburg is situated above the Styrian village Riegersburg on a 482m high volcano rock. You are able to reach it by foot or with an elevator. To walk up means to use the original path leading to the entrance of the imposing castle - it is over 850 years old and was impregnable for hundreds of years.
  • Schloßberg Graz

    Schloßberg Graz
    The Grazer Schloßberg is a 123 m high rock which lies on the waterside of the river Mur over the Grazer main square. Here you can find the town's landmark – the Uhrturm.
  • Foggy Night in Ötztal Bahnhof

    Foggy Night in Ötztal Bahnhof
    When it is getting colder outside and nights are accompanied by fog it is time for a spooky night walk through Ö., the village where I live. The time is right when it has rained and the air is still humid so that the street lights outside have some blurry glow. The streets are deserted then and a whiff of mystery is in the air.
  • The Tunnel - Austria

    The Tunnel - Austria
    Once a good friend of mine told me about an old tunnel somewhere in the mountains near the place I live. It is some kind of secret which everybody knows but nobody could tell where exactly you can find this tunnel. But Ronald found out where the entrance is and where the tunnel leads you to – he’s an adventurer with heart and sole.
  • Into the Wilderness - Haiming

    Into the Wilderness - Haiming
    If you want to see an eerie place you have to go into the woods of Haiming, a little village near where I live, when dusk rises. Most of the trees there are gnarly pines which used to look like bad monsters in the growing dark – if you have a little bit of fantasy and imagination.
  • Murinsel Graz

    Murinsel Graz
    When I heard of the Murinsel project for the first time I was very curious to see it: A cafe swimming in the midst of the river Mur! When I came to Graz I surely visited this extraordinary cafe. And I was fascinated by the realization of this project.
  • Kunsthaus Graz

    Kunsthaus Graz
    The Kunsthaus was built in 2003 when Graz was European Capital of Culture. It was designed by London architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier and is a very cool futuristic building – in my opinion it looks like a big blue space ship - situated near the river Mur between Südtiroler Platz and Lendkai.