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The Comment Your Caption Rumble: Behind the Scenes ended 6 months ago

Want to know what our favorite characters have been up to recently? Find out in this edition of The Comment Your Caption Rumble!

We went on a thorough search in our Community to track down the daily routine of our favorite fictional characters. Guess what we found. We spotted some of the well-known ones goofing in front of the camera and doing ridiculous things that are way out of character.

Care to shed some light on what they are doing? Then, head into the comment section below and tell us the wittiest and most fitting stories for the photos below!


  • Below are three summer-themed photographs, all numbered from 1 to 3. Just comment your most creative caption in the comment box below according to its photo number.
  • Only comments posted in this article will be considered, not the comments on the photo itself.
  • One best comment for every photo will be chosen and will receive 10 Piggies each.
  • Offensive or malicious comments will not be considered and will be reported as spam. Let’s keep this rumble clean and fun!


Photo by red_constructor


Photo by eva_eva


Photo by sadmafioso

Ready? Comment your captions now!

written by icequeenubia


  1. antoniocastello


    1. Damn! How did I woke up in Russia?
    2. Your brain smells fun!
    3. Did you found the correct way to the Bat-Cave?

    7 months ago · report as spam
  2. kikifrenger


    1. OMG,, I am embarrassed :(
    2. You must be repainted
    3. We Are Super Ranger!!

    7 months ago · report as spam
  3. hervinsyah


    1. Playing hide and seek is fun

    2. Ohhh, my oxygen is so cute

    3. Face it, our analog wing can't fly us to kryptonite, but this four wheel drive

    7 months ago · report as spam
  4. zombiesinmygarden


    1. Mickey awoke from the alley in a haze. When he stumbled out into the sunlight, he realized what had happened. The tears fell for hours. 2. Darren, otherwise known as "Frankenstein's monster", poses for his girlfriends profile picture. 3. The evil clones that Lex Luther had made of Superman were powerful, but had one flaw; A complete inability to navigate roadways.
    7 months ago · report as spam
  5. jutei


    1. Oh man, I think I bough a ticket to wrong city!
    2. It was love at first sight
    3. So, who has the keys?

    7 months ago · report as spam
  6. alburnkat


    1. Mickey, I don't think we're in the Magic Kingdom anymore.
    2. Everyone should have a Monster to love.
    3. How many Supermans does it take to change a tire?

    7 months ago · report as spam
  7. supermegahomers


    1. Aw, man. I'm not ready for the photo, don't shoot yet!
    2. Hmm, braaaains...
    3. Are you sure we came to the right place?

    7 months ago · report as spam
  8. sarahzach


    1. If I close my eyes they can't see me. 2. Beauty and the beast 3. Super lost
    7 months ago · report as spam
  9. lefolle


    1. Did "that" just happen
    2. She's not really my type
    3. Batman has Alfred and the Batmobile.. How come we only have this lousy map and hatchback rental?!?

    7 months ago · report as spam
  10. jaymeephotography


    1. ready or not here i come!
    2. i woke up like dis..
    3. i think you're all confused.. i'm the real batman.

    7 months ago · report as spam
  11. rayifumi


    1. Oh no! the dollar is taking a beating on the currency markets
    2. Hi mom, do you like my new boyfriend?
    3. Has anybody called a Supercab?

    7 months ago · report as spam
  12. pasadena85


    1. If I can't see them maybe they don't even recognize or even see me ...
    2.I really like him..but his breath smells just like rotten pancakes !
    3. hum..maybe the last drink yesterday was one too much.

    7 months ago · report as spam
  13. ponzi


    1. "I cant believe I agreed to wear this smelly suit for 4 hours!!!!!!" *sob*
    2. *SNIFF* Man, i cant wait to bring her brain back home to mom!!!
    3. "Dude, I told you we cant manage getting around with a map and a car. Cant we just fly?!?!!"

    7 months ago · report as spam
  14. iamtheju


    1. I have no eye lids and the sunlight burns!
    2. Wake me up when you take my bolts out dear.
    3. "I knew it, we are lost." "I told you we should have just flown" "But I wanted to try out my new satnav from Wayne Enterprises" "I should have know, this was the Bats' fault!"

    7 months ago · report as spam
  15. gateau


    1. Three, two, one...Minnie, I'm going to find you right the way!
    2. Ohlala...I love taking selfies with my love girl!
    3. What I've booked should be a Betman Car, absolutely not this one!!

    6 months ago · report as spam
  16. michli


    1. Too much sunscreen? 2. I don't remember taking this. What happened?!?! 3. And all these times, we thought there was only one.
    6 months ago · report as spam