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This is YOUR London! Lomography's London City Guide ended almost 4 years ago

We are excited to announce the launch of our London City Guide. Following in the footsteps of the Vienna guide, the best city in the world* is now getting it’s own book. And it’s going to be written by YOU! (* FACT)

mmmfishy by flanflipflop

We Need YOU

This aint no ordinary guide book. It’s not about tourist attractions, hotel reviews or anything like that. We want to show London from a fresh perspective and capture the true spirit of the city. This is where you come in. The book is going to be written by YOU. No one knows the city better than the Lomographers who have explored it. So we want to know where you like to go to take photos, hang out, eat bacon sarnies, drink tea, chug beer, laugh, kiss, cry. All those secret locations that you’ve been keeping to yourself. Now’s the time to share them with the world!

How To Contribute

This is a call to arms. Get out there and get creative. Reflect on old haunts, or go out and find new ones. We need our team of Lomographic Journalists in the field giving us the best and most up to date content we can get.

Ready, set, Go! Tommynorth

Most of you will be familiar with LomoLocations, where you can upload photos and a few lines about your favourite places in the world. Well, now the spotlight is on London! Over the next few months we need as many LomoLocations as possible. And you don’t have to be a budding Shakespeare, the more personal, funny, witty or ‘out there’ the entries the better. We want this book to be filled with a thousand different voices. Here’s what you can do:

- Log on to Lomography.com and go to the LomoLocation submissions page
- Upload 3 or 4 or more great photos (higher resolution the better – your photos should have at least 1200 pixels in either width or height)
- A few sentences on why you love your location and why people should check it out
- Tell us the exact address where it’s located and how to get there
- Tag your entry with “LCG” (London City Guide) so we can find them.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Lomography guide without photos! We want to fill this guide to bursting with shots of the city. Look back over old photos, or go out and shoot afresh. We will be running Photo Rumbles over the next few months so you can send us your snaps. But remember, your chances of getting published in the guide are much higher when submitting LomoLocations – so don’t be lazy and add a few lines of text for international fame and glory.

Hop to it! by sandkorn

So… What’s In It For You?

Are you joking? This is your chance to be published in the greatest city guide the world has ever seen! As well as a credit, everyone who makes it into the book will receive a free copy, so you can show your friends and family that you are now a published writer. In addition each LomoLocation that gets published online gets you five piggy points to spend at our store. To help inspire you, we will be announcing a new theme every week, and those who submit will have the chance to win lots of great Lomography goodies.

The Deadline for Entries is April 7th

Only 6 weeks to go! So, what you are waiting for? Go out and start snapping, papping, and tapping at those keyboards. For Queen, For Lomography, For London!

Her Maj by thesarahshow

Submit your location now

written by littlemisslove


  1. sadmafioso


    Are previously published London locations eligible? Or is that just wishful thinking...? :)

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  2. emilios



    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  3. msnicks


    I'd like to contribute but don't know anywhere in London that will scan at above 72dpi without charging £10 a frame. Any suggestions anyone?

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  4. spoeker


    I <3 London :)

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  5. jorgesato


    wow this is an amazing opportunity, for sure!
    I wish I were there.

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  6. littlemisslove


    @msnicks, the standard scanning in our London lomolab is 72dpi, but 1800 pixels per side, so you'll be fine!

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  7. natalieerachel


    I wish I lived in London, ahhh!

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  8. jaalvarez


    I have the same question than @sadmafioso ...

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  9. vicuna


    same question than @sadmafioso and @jaalvarez: I already submitted some London locations a few years ago, do i need to re-submit them or will they be taken in consideration?

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  10. seanomnomnom


    Oh man, north of the border :( Oh well Viva La Cool Britannia!
    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  11. msnicks


    @littlemisslove ah thanks, I miss-read it. Still be interested to know if anyone knows anywhere to get hi-res scans in London :)

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  12. kylewis


    My question is the same as Vicuna, sadmafioso and jaalvarez. Could we just post links to the previous articles? thanks

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  13. erinwoodgatesphotography


    Can previous Lomolocations count? These are the urls.. http://www.lomograph(…)ind-the-gap
    Otherwise could I resubmit these?

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  14. kernow_and_cambria


    Same question as above.


    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  15. pomps


    I have old photos from some trips to London, are they usefull...I should go and scann them! (better first find them :)

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  16. littlemisslove


    @everyone asking about old locations, YES! we will be going back through the archives, so any London location already published on this site will also be considered for the book

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  17. sadmafioso


    @littlemisslove - Thanks!
    Now, crossing my fingers for my Barbican & Battersea Power Staion locations ;)

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  18. littlemisslove


    @msnicks if you have the negatives, you can bring them to the Lomography Gallery Stores, and we will be able to rescan your chosen shots at high res. @pomps, yes, get scanning!

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  19. neja


    what about my previous submissions about London which weren't tagged “LCG” ?

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  20. neja


    p.s. hust double checked- I have 11 lomo locations dedicated to London already submitted:)

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  21. spoeker


    I just submitted my first entry for the city guide :)
    and I have one old entry about the tower bridge and a walk along the thamse

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  22. dachshund

    msnicks - I post mine down to the vault in brighton if I am feeling lazy. They are not the cheapest scanners going but always do a decent job and will do them at any dpi you want. Its ok value if you get them to develop and scan - scanning alone is more expensive) I invested in an entry level 35mm scanner which start at around £80 for macs or £30 for pcs (plus a lot of printer scanner all in one jobbies have them on too). You can change the size and dpi on there (or upscale them on photoshop - a sin I know) I dont know of any cheap 120 film scanners though - does anyone?
    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  23. biancavdam


    I love this so much! Wish I lived in London! <3

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  24. spendospend


    here are my previous locations... i hope a few pics make it in
    please please please have a look :)

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  25. myahcat


    I guess most people know how to negotiate the submissions system - I have no clue! Assets? Code? Where am I copying and pasting? And do you literally want a 'few lines' or something rather more article-sized?

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  26. discodrew


    Just added Lower Marsh. That's mean done. Even though it want be published today can it still be considered for the LCG?

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam