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A True Analogue Love Story Competition

This Valentine's Day, let's play Cupid and help us fill out the rest of the Lomo Love Story, happening in Twitter!

Photo: bernardocople

There’s a Lomo Love Story that’s waiting to unfold in Twitter. As is often the case, it’s a matter of boy meets girl but that’s just the beginning, the twists and turns are for you to decide. Help us write “A True Analogue Love Story" – we have started it off, and so now we invite you to carry on the romance.

Here’s How:

Go to this link or search LomoLoveStory where you will see the how this tail begins:

#LomoLoveStory A lovely girl on a lovely day was waiting for something interesting to happen
#LomoLoveStory Nearby a guy, dreaming of love was unaware, soon he’d meet the girl he had been looking for.

Now to decide what will happen next! Simply upload or select a photo from your album that you think would take our two love birds closer together, or maybe make a good bump in the road and click the Tweet button below.

First, you will see the following “A photo by LomoHome Name #lomography”
To play the game simply leave in your LomoHome Name the link and change #lomography to #LomoLoveStory
Now you will see your Tweet appear as the next line in the story just like plainjane #LomoLoveStory

So tell us, what will happen next?! Amour is a funny thing and love can take a lot of twists and turns.

Remember! The photo and text should work together in telling the story. It can be funny, sweet, or an out-of-the-blue twist – as long it complements what happened previously. We’re all dying to find out what happens next!


  • 5 Piggies for contributing to this beautiful little love story! Each person gets one time 5 Piggy Points for making a contrabution to the #LomoLoveStory.
  • You must, login to your Twitter account, add #LomoLoveStory and leave your community name so we know where to send your hard earned points.
  • The Lomography City Guide Vienna and Fisheye2 Pink will be the grand Valentine’s Day prize to the 3 Lomography community members that posted the most Tweets to the #LomoLoveStory!
  • Game ends Friday February 12th 2010 at 23:00 CET
  • 5 Piggy Points will be given & 3 Winners will be announced in the blog Tuesday February 16th 2010.

We hope you have fun!

written by shhquiet


  1. panelomo


    tweet! tweet!

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  2. nural


    I dont get this :(

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  3. 007-0815-styler


    I don't get this too !!!

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  4. 007-0815-styler


    Why couldn't I find this competition on the german site ???

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  5. cinzinc


    this is starting as we speak right?

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  6. spoeker


    haha and while thinking about the photo and the text, its like 10+ tweets ahead and my part doesnt really fit in anymore xD

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  7. svet-b

    i have a private account on twitter :( i dont want any stalkers, HAHAHAHAHAHAH
    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  8. plainjane


    @nural…)moLoveStory follow this link & i hope it will get clearer =) we are asking people to write a story via twitter. each person posts a photo and the next line in the story - maybe you played it when you were a kid and each person went around in a circle finishing each others sentences..
    @007-0815-styler some competitions are only posted on the international site and others only on the German.

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  9. olique


    hmmm..I have no twitter account:(

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  10. dotdotdot


    get one then!

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  11. lomosexual_manboy


    As much as I love lomo and piggies joining twitter just isn't worth it. Hope everyone else has fun with this though.

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  12. ilovemydiana


    maybe im just a slow twitter learner but i really just dont understand how to enter this.

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  13. ilovemydiana


    ugh i tried, i just dont understand :o(

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  14. ilovemydiana


    ok nevermind i understand now, im calm...we're all ok. they are not shoing up correctly in the stream though, i hope you will venture to my twitter page to take a gander at them in propper order?

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  15. mephisto19


    reading it yesterday very fast i thought that you have to write your OWN little lomo love story and NOT to continue one (that has become more a monologue than a diaolue/story by many people insopiring each other), so i thought about small LomoLoveStories, some in english, some in german i want to add to this post:
    - Love Of My Only Life. Our Vows Endlesly Say The Origin Respecting You (LOMOLOVESTORY)
    okay... i know.... but... :D
    and now some german small stories, the love between cameras and films:
    - "Ich liebe Dich!", sagte die Kamera zum Film bevor sie ihn sich einverleibte.
    - "Deine Lochung macht mich an", sagte die Kamera zum Film und ließ ihn sich um ihre Spule wickeln.
    -"Du wickelst mich um deine Spule", sagte der Film zur Kamera.
    -"Du ziehst mich raus", sagte der Film zur Kamera.
    - "Ich liebe es, wie deine Räder in mich greifen!", sagte der Film zur Kamera bevor er weitertransportiert wurde.
    - "Schmieg dich an meine Spule", sagte die Kamera zum Film, "Ich werde dich belichten"
    - "Nimm mich!", sagte der Film zur Kamera, die gerade geöffnet wurde.
    - "Ich fühle mich erleuchtet", sagte der Film, der aus der Kamera kam
    - "Klack", das unverkennbare Geräusch der LC-A ist eine Liebeserklärung, wieder und wieder.

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  16. torium


    I thing @ethermoon is going to win ! :-D

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  17. girl_anachronism


    I'm having heaps of fun with this, such a great idea guys!!! I think a good rule would be to add in the rules that you can only post one at a time, then it would be perfect. Hope I win SO much, I really want the pink fisheye!!! <3 (@jennaeloise)

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  18. tessaj


    oh dear, no i'm suddenly on twitter because of this :-) (and with all respect, but some of you really have no life! ;-) )

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  19. ethermoon


    I was supposed to tweet some but i think that's enough already. it's a great ending from @cinzinc. @girl_anachronism and @cinzinc and to all who participated, congratulations! :-) that was a nice story telling guys!

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  20. mephisto19


    i'd reallyl ike to have the vienna notebook...!

    over 4 years ago · report as spam
  21. girl_anachronism


    Thanks guys, absolutely stoked @tessaj do have a life... but get to work from home and have tweet deck so no offence taken

    over 4 years ago · report as spam