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  • Flea Market Hannover Leineufer

    Flea Market Hannover Leineufer
    What's better than spending a Saturday at the flea market hunting for old cameras and other precious snips? The flea market at the bank on the river “Leine” is one of the oldest flea markets held every Saturday in Germany. From 8am 'til to 4pm, you can go hunting and haggling for bargains or just enjoy the bazaar-like atmosphere.
  • You are the bluest Light

    You are the bluest Light
    ..and you didn´t even notice when the sky turned blue and you couldn´t tell the difference between me and you and I nearly didn´t notice the gentlest feeling You are the bluest light (Bloc Party)
  • Flea Market Hannover Leineufer

    Flea Market Hannover Leineufer
    Whats better than spending a Saturday on the flea market hunting for old cameras and other precious snips!
  • LaubenParcours (Strange Parasites)

    LaubenParcours (Strange Parasites)
    A project that was founded by 13 Hannover based artists who came out with the idea to exchange their art within a new area which is usually unknown for art - allotment gardens!
  • Markthalle Hannover: The Stomach of Hannover

    Markthalle Hannover: The Stomach of Hannover
    84 meters long and 48 meters wide, the "Markthalle" market hall, build 1892 was the largest steel and glass building of the "Kaiserreich" during that time.
  • Expo 2000 Area Hannover

    Expo 2000 Area Hannover
    It´s 9 years now already since the world was visiting Hannover for the Expo 2000. Since then the whole area becomes a perfect location for lomo enthusiasts from all over the world.
  • Restaurant Silbervogel (Silverbird)

    Restaurant Silbervogel (Silverbird)
    When I passed by this location for the first time I was thinking I was daydreaming!
  • Any Fairground around...

    Any Fairground around...
    There is this old Simply Red song: Driving down an endless road Taking friends or moving alone Pleasure at the fairground on the way. Not that I´m a big fan of Simply Red but the lyrics kind of fits the location I want to introduce to you.
  • Your local Laundromat

    Your local Laundromat
    I bet most of you are cleaning your clothes at home! It´s so comfortable, just load up the machine and move back to the TV set But honestly, you miss something....pay a visit to your local Laundromat could be the beginning of a real "clean" friendship.
  • Ihme Zentrum (Center) Hannover

    Ihme Zentrum (Center) Hannover
    The Ihme Zentrum is a big area which was build up in 1972 in Hannover / Linden. The aim was to combine apartments to live there, office space and a shopping area - like a town in a town. There is place for nearly 3000 people to live there and by the time when they start to build it up - the construction area was the biggest one in whole over europe.
  • Schützenfest

    The Hanoverian Schützenfest is the biggest event in summer. Although all small cities, townships and villages around Hanover have their own Schützenfeste, not one of them can be compared with the event in Hanover. They all have one in common: the shooting clubs of the towns have shooting matches to determine their champion shooters (Schützenkönig/königin, Bürgerkönig, Jugendkönig). In a huge procession these champions are then celebrated.