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  • Cycling in Brussels

    Cycling in Brussels
    Getting to know a new city is always fun, but to do this on a bike is even more fun!
  • Brussels for Beginners

    Brussels for Beginners
    Brussels isn’t simply the capital of Belgium; it’s also a city, full of history, culture, art and chocolate!
  • Parc du Cinquentenaire

    Parc du Cinquentenaire
    Beautiful park in the heart of Brussels, where you can go for read a book, take a walk or why not drink a few beers.
  • The Atomium in Brussels

    The Atomium in Brussels
    A few weeks ago I went to Brussels, Belgium for a weekend. Besides Manneken Piss, which was really disappointing because it´s around 30 cm high, another Must see is the Atomium, located close to the Heysel Park.
  • Brussels, Belgium

    Brussels, Belgium
    Capital from Belgium and Europe... Brussels is a beautiful city in which we will have lots of fun.
  • maxpinckers's L-CA+ ended about 6 years ago

    maxpinckers's L-CA+
    Lomographer Max Pinckers (maxpinckers) will be exhibiting his very own lomowall of over 15 square meters, with a selection of over 200 pictures ranging from his first to his last roll shot with the magic L-CA+. Saturday 29 November at Les Atelier Claus, rue crickxstraat 15, St. Gilles, 1060 Brussels
  • Le Fontainas, Brussels

    Le Fontainas, Brussels
    Welcome to one of my favorite cafés in Brussels any time of the day: Le Fontainas is for sure one of the best places downtown to sip a coffee in the morning reading the paper, have a simple lunch and a beer at noon or enjoy some cocktails in the evening with friends, all of this while listening to some of the most interesting music selection in Brussels. In winter, you can sit inside and warm up with a hot chocolate. The interior decoration is cozy, with a nice vintage touch and huge photographs on the wall :). I particulary like the recycled chairs and tables, each one in a different shape and color.
  • Ravenstein Gallery - a trip to the 50s

    Ravenstein Gallery - a trip to the 50s
    This is one of my favorite spots in Brussels, a true lomographer's paradise, especially for those who like 50's architecture. The Ravenstein gallery was in fact built between 1954 and 1958, right on time for the Expo '58, the international exhibition that radically transformed the city. Apart from the Atomium, there's very little left of the actual Expo, but in the city you can still find here and there some fine examples of the architecture and spirit of that time.
  • Matuvu Art Expo by the I&I Relations Collective ended over 6 years ago

    Matuvu Art Expo by the I&I Relations Collective
    The exhibition at Lakenstraat 113 in Brussels will contain a wide variety of different styles of work within different genres. These include photography, lomography, animation film, street art, graphic design and short films.
  • Le Wiels Contemporary Art Center

    Le Wiels Contemporary Art Center
    A new and innovative contemporary art center, Le Wiels, has just opened its doors in one of the finest exponents of industrial modernist architecture in Brussels: the former brewery installations of the Wielemans Ceuppens company. The site was built in 1930 by Belgian architect Adrian Blomme and it's defiantly worth a visit.
  • The Belgian waffle

    The Belgian waffle
    When you think of Belgium, you think of chocolate, frites and brussel sprouts BUT don't forget the yummy waffles (or gauffe as they call it in French). I've been living in Brussels for over 4 years now and still can't get enough of it! I especially crave it when I'm out shopping or running errands as they have very convenient stalls and booths located in the metro stations and on the high street.
  • Brussels

    Brussels is a grand place. If I should live in a capital, it would be in
  • Dedigitalization ended over 6 years ago

    Anna Parrilla will be displaying a healthy mix of medium format and 35mm shots as well as different techniques and films.
  • The Old Oak

    The Old Oak
    Okay, okay I think we've established that I have nothing better to do
  • The Grand Place

    The Grand Place
    Belgium is a tiny country with Brussels as its capital. I find that many people bypass it on their travels...in fact a lot of people don't even know where on the map it is! Sad! I'm sure the only thing they can relate to it is probably the actor Van Damme or Brussels sprouts.
  • The Hairy Canary

    The Hairy Canary
    It isn't a wonder that I'm a frequent guest in this pub as it's only a two min walk from my flat and only like 2 seconds from the European commission
  • Atomium

    Oh wow! This must be about my favorite place to take photos in Brussels - and I have actually never been inside! (too scared to get disappointed, I guess...). Let's start with some history: the atomium was built for the World's Fair held in Brussels in 1958. The 103 meter tall structure (which represents a unit cell of an iron crystal, in case you were wondering) was planned by André Waterkeyn and it was supposed to stand only for 6 months. That's why the building was in quite a sorry condition for years and had to undergo heavy renovation works a couple of years ago. Now its nine steel spheres are sound and shiny again, craving for photographs! It is also worth visiting after sunset, when the spheres are illuminated. Day or night, go there if you happen to be in Brussels...you will make some beautiful pics!
  • Parc du Cinquantenaire

    Parc du Cinquantenaire
    This park is one of my favourite in Brussels because there is almost always something going on. Be it teens cutting class and smoking fags behind the bushes, lovers in tender embrace on the benches, dogs catching frisbees, mothers with their babies in prams, women stripping to bare basics sunbathing on the lawns, old ladies gossiping on the quiet corners of the park, tourists by the busloads photographing the massive Arc de Triomphe and visiting the museums that surround (namely the museums of Art and History, Aviation, the Army and Military