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  • Swinging Solstice Week at the Lomography Gallery Store LA! ended over 3 years ago

    Swinging Solstice Week at the Lomography Gallery Store LA!
    It’s Swinging Solstice Week and that means we’re putting out a fishbowl in the shop for you to drop off a roll of film and try your hand at anonymous film swapping!
  • Moments

    I love photos that capture a moment in time, those un-staged, un-posed windows into a split second in history where people are being truly themselves. Instances of pure passion, pure honesty, undistorted and captured forever in a single frame. This is why Lomography and its analogue lifestyle inspires me. Digital photography can be monitored, edited, deleted - analogue is burnt into the film and is truly frozen forever in time.
  • Rock Lomography

    Rock Lomography
    Believe it or not; beneath this outer shell of a nerd lies a savage beast. Fascinated by fantasy-inspired album covers (see: Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta) and lyrics depicting angst, war and mythology, I find solace listening to music of the steely kind irrespective of genre or subgenre. But listening just ain’t enough for me. I want to see the bands perform live, to experience the raw energy blasting in front of me. Alas, I had neither the chance nor the green light to participate in such activity.
  • My Friend Lakandula

    My Friend Lakandula
    "I never thought someone would find interest in interviewing me about Lomography. Considering myself as a newbie in comparison to many experienced lomographers, I feel privileged to share my private thoughts on the subject." - @lakandula
  • Back Home for Xmas, Mind the Xray!

    Back Home for Xmas, Mind the Xray!
    How I decided to play my Christmas photo mission lomographically, the story. At first the family was a bit dubious, but in the end they loved the picture and it was a great experience for me as well; will do again... except that next time I'll take a bigger hand luggage with me, better than risking xray damage on film for those precious memories!
  • MOCA LomoJourney with the Lomography Gallery Store LA! ended over 3 years ago

    MOCA LomoJourney with the Lomography Gallery Store LA!
    Join us as we take a LomoJourney to one of the coolest museums in Los Angeles. Housing only contemporary art, MOCA is definitely a great destination to get some inspiration for your future Lomographs. Just in time for the “Art in the Streets” exhibit, it’s your chance to see firsthand the development of graffiti and street art from the 1970s to what it has become today!
  • LomoPeople: Carmine

    LomoPeople: Carmine
    He inspires me to capture the moment, the real deal and with his portraits, I totally feel like I’m home.