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All articles ever written on Lomography.


  • View the Photos of an Album as a Slideshow

    View the Photos of an Album as a Slideshow
    Some weeks ago we tested a feature showing the photos of an album as a slideshow (like the ones you know from the Magazine) – now we're rolling this convenient way of browsing photos out to you.
  • Lomography's World Congress London 2007

    Lomography's World Congress London 2007
    The Lomographic Society was invited by the London Design Festival to present a decade’s worth of Lomographic magic in an extraordinary exhibition - what was to be the 7th Lomography World Congress.The LomoWorldWall, presented on Trafalgar Square in the centre of London, featured 100,000 images from artists, individuals and groups from all parts of the world – all this made it the biggest Lomographic project to date! The congress united Lomographers from London and the rest of the world.
  • Chapter 3: The Lomography Manifesto

    Chapter 3: The Lomography Manifesto
    One Sunday afternoon, a Lomographer came up with the 'Lomographic Manifesto' which, was also inspired by the first 12 months of Lomography which is filled with all sorts of adventures, discussions, and thoughts from the eager young Austrians who 'discovered' the unique plastic camera during a trip the LC-As' motherland.
  • Lomography and the Photokina

    Lomography and the Photokina
    The photokina is the largest trade fair in the world for photographic and imaging industries. The first photokina event was held all the way back in 1950 and since then it’s become a regular event that’s held in Cologne, Germany, once every two years. It’s grown and grown over the years and the last event in 2010 attracted a staggering 180,000 visitors from around 160 different countries!
  • Chapter 2: The Ten Golden Rules of Lomography

    Chapter 2: The Ten Golden Rules of Lomography
    New to Lomography? Well here are the Ten Golden Rules that every serious Lomographer should know by heart.
  • Chapter 1: Introduction by the Lomographic Society International

    Chapter 1: Introduction by the Lomographic Society International
    We, your loyal Lomographers from 50 different countries gathered more than 10,000 Lomographs. These are the best of the best snapshots, which have effectively changed our lives. More than 2,500 of these shots have ultimately found their way into this book! We, your creators, parents, midwives, teachers, professors, brothers and sisters, enemies and disciples, pallbearers and resurrectors (especially from Russia and China) - through intense research and devotion, present what has fed and continues to nourish our endless love for you.
  • Introducing the Lomography Library!

    Introducing the Lomography Library!
    Bookworms of the World rejoice!! From today you'll find all the information on the full range of Lomography books in our spanking-new Library section.
  • Lomolutions 2011: Got Any?

    Lomolutions 2011: Got Any?
    A whole new year full of bright horizons and new beginnings is just around the bend. Resolutions to become a better girlfriend, to learn a new language or to finally lose that extra 10lbs will be broken days after the ball drops. I hate resolutions, so I'm not creating any.