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  • Self Portraits With the Lubitel Rumble Winner Announcement

    Self Portraits With the Lubitel Rumble Winner Announcement
    The "Lubitel Universal 166+":http://www.lomography.com/lubitel166+/ is a mix of classic beauty with a modern twist - and is one of the most perfect cameras to take photos of yourself! Dreamy photos, sharp detail and the choice of either 120 or 35mm film - what more could you ask for?
  • A Valentine Pair

    A Valentine Pair
    Pink is the color to be these days! And word has it that our own "Diana clones":http://www.lomography.com/diana/products/clones have teamed up for this year's Valentine day. And who did our lovely ladies choose? Well Mr. Pink of course!
  • Potty about Pink ended almost 6 years ago

    Potty about Pink
    Pink! Pink! and even more pink! We are mad about this hot color especially round this time of the year. We have even released a special edition Diana F+ camera to fulfill our pink needs - "the Mr. Pink":http://shop.lomography.com/go/?where=shop&pro=dmr !
  • Guess The Film! Winner Announcement

    Guess The Film! Winner Announcement
    Wow that was a lot of Ektar guesses in the last post! We are sorry to say that this was not the film that we were looking for and hence can not give out any piggies today :(
  • Photos from NYC Diana Dialogues Workshop

    Photos from NYC Diana Dialogues Workshop
    On Saturday, we held a workshop at the Lomography Gallery Store in New York called Diana Dialogues, where we learned all about the cult camera, from its birth at the Great Wall Plastics Factory, to its rebirth as the analogue sensation that the world is buzzing about. We had 30 lovely guests for the workshop, who all showed up with wide-eyes and armed with questions. After about 90 minutes of chatting, we hit the streets with loaner DianaF+ cameras, and a free roll of film for all who attended, shooting the bustling Greenwich Village neighborhood that we now call home.
  • My Lomo Story

    My Lomo Story
    My friendship with Lomography was a very logical step in my life. It could have started earlier, but luckily it began just in time. All my life I was very interested in old stuff. Old pictures in my grandparents' album interested me more than new technologies with the digital photography ahead. After school I joined Vilnius University, to take my Bachelor's Degree in Archival Science, when one day, we had a trip to the audiovisual archive of Lithuania. I was so touched with all these old photos - they made a deep impression that I decided to try to do some "retro" pictures by myself.