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  • Life through a blender - Feed your multiple exposing desire with the new Pinhole Blender Cameras!

    Life through a blender - Feed your multiple exposing desire with the new Pinhole Blender Cameras!
    Looking for a new way to see your world? These compact and easy to carry cameras, have the power to make brilliant blended images with the ease of pinhole photography! Each magical metal can uses a convex film plane to multiple expose and blend your subjects into a collage panorama, leaving you with stunning and perfect images at every controlled turn of the advance. And now to introduce you to the entire family!
  • The LomoGuys' Valentine Wishlist!

    The LomoGuys' Valentine Wishlist!
    Love is definitely in the air at the Lomography HQ in Vienna. We got to thinking about what could be the perfect Valentine's gift - and while chocolates and flowers are fine for some, we think nothing says 'I lurrrrve you' like a shiny new Lomographic treat! (We could be biased ;) So we asked some of the LomoGents what one Lomographic present they would like to get from their sweetheart this Valentine's Day. Take a tour d'amour into the minds of a few of our LomoStuds. Who knows, you just might get a gift tip or two for your beloved! Or why show yourself some love and pick yourself up a nice present!
  • The Scarecrowman x Diana F+

    The Scarecrowman x Diana F+
    Make way for another Japanese limited exclusive! This special edition features The Scarecrowman from the Japanese animation of the same title. From the movies to your shutter-happy hands, The Scarecrowman is inching his way to your analog heart by collaborating with the medium-format darling, Diana! Hopping alongside the "Scarecrowman Diana F+":http://www.lomography.com/diana/ is a bevy of Japanese cameras and films that will keep you snapping up like crazy.
  • All year LC-A Birthday Video Action ended about 5 years ago

    "MONTW":http://www.lomography.com/homesDeLuxe/ has put together a fine artwork on the LC-A´s life. "I tried to capture all the major importance of it. I used some metaphors to help making the whole piece work together in a short amount of time. I hope you guys enjoy it."