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  • Self Portraits With the Lubitel ended almost 6 years ago

    Self Portraits With the Lubitel
    It may just of happened that you are so in love with your "Lubitel":http://www.lomography.com/lubitel166+/ that you are reluctant to let others hold it, let alone use it. If this is the case, then most probably the majority of your pictures will exclude one important person, yourself! But there is a way to get yourself in the picture as well, and we are sure that you have already embarked upon the journey of self portraits already. Yes? We knew it!
  • SNATCH! Get A Free Diana 35mm Back With This Special Edition

    SNATCH! Get A Free Diana 35mm Back With This Special Edition
    We are proud to say that one of the earliest clones of the Diana+, "Meg", is available again in very limited numbers. On top of bringing back this instant classic, we are tossing in a free 35mm Back (worth 45€) offering you full small format compatiablitly. Unfortuantly there might be minor, and we mean minor, visual flaws on the red front paint with some cameras, but please have a look at the shop pictures to see what we are talking about.
  • Endless Dianaramas ended almost 6 years ago

    Endless Dianaramas
    An endless Dianarama, if you will, is what we chose to call our beloved Diana shots taken by continually exposing a complete roll of film. A simple "modification":http://www.lomography.com/diana/theory/modifications/diana-spinshot-mod to your Diana and a little bit of creativity is all that you need to achieve superb results! For this rumble we want to see your world shot on one roll film. Although we are not limiting the theme we might hint that pictures of animals, nature or people may catch the judges attention a little bit easier! Go exotic, this has never hurt anyone!