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  • Picture This! Winner!

    Picture This! Winner!
    Congratulations are in order for "marcela_cuartas":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/marcela_cuartas for winning this week's Picture This! competition! It was a good fight, with everyone sending in their cutest and cuddliest of friends, but "marcela_cuartas":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/marcela_cuartas sure blew everyone away with the cutest kitty this side of the world!
  • Photos Rumble - Day 3

    Photos Rumble - Day 3
    It's Day 3 of the this week's photo piggy giveaway rumble! We have some new faces and some old friends among the top performers today. To see if you made 10 piggies admiring "photos":http:beta.lomography.com/photos yesterday keep reading :)
  • A (Avatar)picture says more than a thousand words...

    A (Avatar)picture says more than a thousand words...
    When viewing the comments in the magazine you always had to read out a name to see who had what to say. We are Lomographers after all, and we notice a picture before we can read out a name.
  • Are You In Love? ended almost 6 years ago

    Are You In Love?
    There is nothing such as the feeling of being in love as all those that have experienced this wonder will testify. In the end it is about two people, and even if the world falls down around them it does not matter because they have each other. But what about you? Are you in love? Do you have someone's hand to hold when you walk down the street? Do you have somebody to tease and play with through the night? Does your heart ache when your other half is not around you?
  • Phreaky Essays: Chinese Gardens and Town-sized Museum

    Phreaky Essays: Chinese Gardens and Town-sized Museum
    Taiyuan, the big industrial city was our next destination to spend there one night and