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  • 4 Big LomoWalls At MoMA

    4 Big LomoWalls At MoMA
    In the modern art world, there are few museums on the planet as esteemed and revered for their ability to recognize important artistic movements as the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City. From Dada to Pop-Art, MoMA has always been on the forefront of what's exciting, unique, and important in the art world. So it was only a matter of time before Lomography had its moment in the MoMA spotlight!
  • Photos Rumble - Day 2

    Photos Rumble - Day 2
    Another day of work, another day of life and another day of uploading! Continuing our piggy giveaway to the most hardworking of you out there we have some new winners to announce today. If you did not make the cut today, don't worry, well reset the counter tomorrow and give you a new chance!
  • A Medical Mystery - Triples

    A Medical Mystery - Triples
    I was trying to make doubles with xbalboax and I took pictures of the Atlantic ocean in Maine with a Fisheye and he took pix of main street in New York ... the crazy mistake part is that unknown to both of us the slide film (velvia 100 speed) bought from ebay was already exposed when purchased and the crazy thing is that we thought it was blank yet we were MISTAKEN! it was exposed with pictures of some kind of gross surgery probably they were slides that a professor took to use in a class at a medical school, either way everybody wins with this mistake, except maybe the patient--- these pictures are either really cool or really disgusting - some people might not even want to look at them, I think they are kind of right on though :)
  • Fab - A New Lubitel Lover

    Fab - A New Lubitel Lover
    "Fab":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/fab is one of our new Lubitel Lovers, so deeply in love with this Lomographic recreation that he states that is does not matter where in the world he is, as long as the Lubitel is there with him!