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  • Snatch! Piggy Giveaway Winners

    Snatch! Piggy Giveaway Winners
    Recognize this image? The following 10 people sure did! They wrote "Snatch!":http://www.lomography.com/snatch an email and will be rewarded with 5 piggy points!
  • Round-the-Clock Rumble: Abandoned Cityscape ended almost 6 years ago

    Round-the-Clock Rumble: Abandoned Cityscape
    Day 2 of our *Lomography Competition Week* for the *Round-the-Clock Rumble* installmant involves your spookiest photos of abandoned cityscapes!
  • Lubitel Lover

    Lubitel Lover
    I was amazed when I first got the lubitel. It was the opposite of digital – everything was slooooooow! I had to take my time. No 'click click click' with this beast. Even just getting to the viewfinder took a lot of time and effort, unwrapping it from the camera body. Focusing was slow too – slow but deadly accurate. Trying to use the viewfinder and the distance scale in tandem works best for me.
  • Lomography & Photojojo Show-Us-Your-Mojo Photo-tip Rumble winners!

    Lomography & Photojojo Show-Us-Your-Mojo Photo-tip Rumble winners!
    Recently our good friends at "Photojojo":http://photojojo.com/store/?src=lomo-tips-contest - the coolest photo projects site we know - held an amazing photo-tip competition asking you to unleash your inner photo-geek, and show us the coolest, most jaw-dropping photo-tip you know.
  • Location of the Week

    Location of the Week
    The serenity of this location gave us a nice, calming feeling. Makes us wanna go grab a picnic blanket and doze off lazily by the river! Congrats, spela! You'll be getting 10 piggies for your wonderful entry.
  • In the Shop: A.C. Gears

    In the Shop: A.C. Gears
    On September 18th, AC Gears, the funky gadget boutique du jour of Manhattan, hosted a closing party for their first ever photo contest: “Robot Love”. The shop asked its customers to go out and interpret the theme in any way their Lomographic vision could capture. The results were cross processed mannequins, robots on parade, and a fully costumed duo who spread some robot love all over town.
  • Epic Edits $50 Camera Competition Winners

    Epic Edits $50 Camera Competition Winners
    Yes, this is a bit overdue, but in our defense we were quite busy at Photokina and some company meetings recently. But we didn't forget about this very cool competition!
  • Pan_dre's Shopping Guide

    Pan_dre's Shopping Guide
    Hey folks, it's time again for pan_dre's shopping guide.
  • It's a Competition! Winners

    It's a Competition! Winners
    We hope everyone's enjoying the brand-new competitions section! To cap off our first installment of the Round-the-Clock rumble under the competitions wing, we are announcing the best of the lot!
  • Snatch! Piggy Giveaway Announcement

    Snatch! Piggy Giveaway Announcement
    Attention all Lomographers
  • Round-the-Clock Rumble: The 'Best' Smile ended almost 6 years ago

    Round-the-Clock Rumble: The 'Best' Smile
    Day one of the *Lomography Rumble Week* will definitely make everyone smiling!
  • RedScale Galleries by Vicuna

    RedScale Galleries by Vicuna
    To celebrate the Lomography RedScale launche we asked a few users to give it an exclusive try with this stunning new film. So come closer and have a look on the first Lomography RedScale-Galleries taken by our well known user "Vicuna":http://www.lomohomes.com/Vicuna.
  • Film Development

    Film Development
    I've started developing my own black & white film lately and am still getting the hang of loading it onto the reels correctly. The first few rolls were disastrous but I've gotten better since and have even gotten some cool effects from my mistakes.
  • Picture This! winner

    Picture This! winner
    "I, I love the colorful clothes she wears … And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair." - __Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys (1966)__
  • My LomoStory by louison

    My LomoStory by louison
    I had been enthroned in the Lomography sphere thanks to "nanuth":http://www.lomohomes.com/nanuth; actually she’s like my master but I didn’t realize that at the beginning… I was like a young Jedi who’s has not reach yet the wisdom of master Yoda !! When I first saw nanuth spending hours on the website of Lomography I was thinking ‘pffff she’s just a geek on an another stupid website’ then she received her Fisheye camera, took her first pictures and I told myself : ‘Wooaw these pics are crazy, this camera is like a toy and this Lomography stuff is like a confidential thing
  • Beta Statistics Are Back

    Beta Statistics Are Back
    Sorry for not posting any stats for a while, we've just been buzy 180% of our time :-) Here are the this weeks happenings:
  • Round-the-Clock Rumble: Amateur Endeavors ended almost 6 years ago

    Round-the-Clock Rumble: Amateur Endeavors
    Do you have any hobbies close to your heart, but you don't do it on a professional basis? Do you enjoy certain activities for no pay or for charity? Or are you the type of person who would try anything once for a different kind of high? Then our latest installment of the Round-the-clock Rumble series is just for you!
  • Extended Redscale Rumble ended almost 6 years ago

    Extended Redscale Rumble
    To celebrate the launch of the newest film rolling out of the Lomography office, the "Redscale 35 mm":http://shop.lomography.com/go/?where=shop&pro=rss film, and the launch of a new section to magazine, the competitions, here is an extended, special edition rumble for you.
  • Locations Wanted!

    Locations Wanted!
    As summer nears its end in the northern hemisphere and the colder months are approaching, we though we could try to get some advice for what to (not)do these fall days.
  • A Lomography and Colette Collaboration ended almost 6 years ago

    A Lomography and Colette Collaboration
    Together with "colette,":http://www.colette.fr/ the notorious Paris-based boutique and old Lomography friends, we are teaming up for a unique collaboration.
  • Analogue Is… ended almost 6 years ago

    Analogue Is…
    Tactile? Authentic? Expensive? Nostalgic? With our the Future is Analogue exhibition going live at the Photokina 2008, there is no better time for you to have the final word on what analogue definitively represents to you.
  • SNAP! Feature in a Magazine in Japan! ended almost 6 years ago

    SNAP! Feature in a Magazine in Japan!
    "Snap!":http://www.snap-magazine.com/ is a Japanese photo magazine. In their next issue they have asked you guys to help them out by submitting your best double exposure shoots.
  • Recap: What Has Happened This Week?

    Recap: What Has Happened This Week?
    This past week there have been several new additions to the Beta Site. For one, a new magazine section has been introduced that will host all current, past and future competitions all in one place! The second major development this week has been the introduction of a new system of submitting photos to the magazine, both easier and time saving.
  • New Competition Section On Beta!

    New Competition Section On Beta!
    We love competitions because they keep things exciting and creative on Lomography.com. That’s why we host so many diverse competitions and get involved in groovy collaborations. Your creativity is rewarded with amazing prizes, Piggy Points* and Lomography awards with which to decorate your Lomohomes. But with so many swell competitions and rumbles going down on Lomography.com we know it can be hard to keep up with the excitement. So we’ve decided to make things easier for you by creating a Magazine section devoted to Competitions! Yes, all rumbles, competitions and missions will be announced, listed, and updated in Competitions from now on. You need never miss a deadline again!
  • New Upload Function!

    New Upload Function!
    Yesterday we announced that all submissions to rumbles and competitions will appear in your home in the unsorted folder. Now we announce that you can also submit images through your homes! Simply scroll down to "upload images" and underneath you will see a new section called "submit images" (see picture) Click to the right on "Select images from your LAB" and submit your winning shoots! This also works when you submit to film or camera reviews! But this only works from your Beta home, so if you have not done so already this is a good time to "migrate your account":http://beta.lomography.com/login
  • Final Goodbyes From Photokina

    Before we wrap up the Photokina for good here are some last treasures from
  • Lomo Intern Gavin Thomas Shoots with the LC-A+

    Lomo Intern Gavin Thomas Shoots with the LC-A+
    We'd like you to meet Gavin Thomas! Gavin was an intern for the Lomography New York City office.
  • Picture This! ended almost 6 years ago

    Picture This!
    "Picture This!" is a weekly 24-hour challenge, meaning that it closes in 24 hrs
  • Attention! New Magazine Section!

    Attention! New Magazine Section!
    Competitions is the theme of this new upgrade to the magazine at Lomography! From now on, you will be able to find all the current, upcoming and past competitions all in one place! This is also the place to check for winners announcements and the place where you can view all entries to ongoing competitions. "Check it out!":http://beta.lomography.com/magazine/competitions
  • Round-the-Clock Rumble: Intense Competition ended almost 6 years ago

    Round-the-Clock Rumble: Intense Competition
    We hope everyone's having fun with our round-the-clock rumbles and we assure you - this is just the beginning!