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  • My LomoStory by louison

    My LomoStory by louison
    I had been enthroned in the Lomography sphere thanks to "nanuth":http://www.lomohomes.com/nanuth; actually she’s like my master but I didn’t realize that at the beginning… I was like a young Jedi who’s has not reach yet the wisdom of master Yoda !! When I first saw nanuth spending hours on the website of Lomography I was thinking ‘pffff she’s just a geek on an another stupid website’ then she received her Fisheye camera, took her first pictures and I told myself : ‘Wooaw these pics are crazy, this camera is like a toy and this Lomography stuff is like a confidential thing
  • Beta Statistics Are Back

    Beta Statistics Are Back
    Sorry for not posting any stats for a while, we've just been buzy 180% of our time :-) Here are the this weeks happenings:
  • Round-the-Clock Rumble: Amateur Endeavors ended over 6 years ago

    Round-the-Clock Rumble: Amateur Endeavors
    Do you have any hobbies close to your heart, but you don't do it on a professional basis? Do you enjoy certain activities for no pay or for charity? Or are you the type of person who would try anything once for a different kind of high? Then our latest installment of the Round-the-clock Rumble series is just for you!
  • Extended Redscale Rumble ended over 6 years ago

    Extended Redscale Rumble
    To celebrate the launch of the newest film rolling out of the Lomography office, the "Redscale 35 mm":http://shop.lomography.com/go/?where=shop&pro=rss film, and the launch of a new section to magazine, the competitions, here is an extended, special edition rumble for you.
  • Locations Wanted!

    Locations Wanted!
    As summer nears its end in the northern hemisphere and the colder months are approaching, we though we could try to get some advice for what to (not)do these fall days.
  • SNAP! Feature in a Magazine in Japan! ended over 6 years ago

    SNAP! Feature in a Magazine in Japan!
    "Snap!":http://www.snap-magazine.com/ is a Japanese photo magazine. In their next issue they have asked you guys to help them out by submitting your best double exposure shoots.
  • Analogue Is… ended over 6 years ago

    Analogue Is…
    Tactile? Authentic? Expensive? Nostalgic? With our the Future is Analogue exhibition going live at the Photokina 2008, there is no better time for you to have the final word on what analogue definitively represents to you.
  • A Lomography and Colette Collaboration ended over 6 years ago

    A Lomography and Colette Collaboration
    Together with "colette,":http://www.colette.fr/ the notorious Paris-based boutique and old Lomography friends, we are teaming up for a unique collaboration.
  • Recap: What Has Happened This Week?

    Recap: What Has Happened This Week?
    This past week there have been several new additions to the Beta Site. For one, a new magazine section has been introduced that will host all current, past and future competitions all in one place! The second major development this week has been the introduction of a new system of submitting photos to the magazine, both easier and time saving.