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  • Location of the Week: Evergreen Rocky Mountains

    Location of the Week: Evergreen Rocky Mountains
    The Evergreen Rocky Mountains post by "lamia":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/lamia has certainly grabbed our attention last week; and so we are awarding lamia with a Lomohome badge & 10 piggies! Congratulations!
  • Urban Nomad Competition Grand Prize Winner!

    Urban Nomad Competition Grand Prize Winner!
    We know that there is one question burning on everyone's minds lately. It is about choosing that one person who will stand out above the rest, who has the experience and strength to spread his or her image across the land.
  • Instant Photography Lives

    Instant Photography Lives
    Polaroid-style photography is more alive than ever! This means all the Polaroid die-hards can finally throw off their black suits, come out of mourning and rejoice! While it may be true that Polaroid is getting out of the instant photography game, Fuji has taken the baton. Fuji Instax cameras are a new generation of instant camera. Using Polaroid know-how as a base Fuji has made big leaps ininstant photo technology - meaning faster development, more mod-cons, great colour reproduction and cheaper instant film. Lomography is pleased to present the most exciting new instant photo cameras and legendary Polaroid deadstock, plus all the instant film you could need!
  • How to Tag

    How to Tag
    Tagging, aka keywording (as it was called on the old site) is here for us to use and make organization of pictures easy. In order to make it user friendly we need to have a uniform system of tagging among us. Please see our suggestions by "Miriel":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/miriel from the Archive below, these are the main points we believe will help tagging improve :)