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All articles ever written on Lomography.


  • Where It All Began, St. Petersburg

    Where It All Began, St. Petersburg
    To accompany the Lubitel tales out there in the magazine we though we could get you all into a Russian mood and take you back to the city where it all began, St. Petersburg, the home of the original Lomo factory, the LC-A and the Lubitel. In the accompanying gallery there are some shoots from St Petersburg taken from the world browser on lomography.com and by "pan_dre":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/pan_dre himself. Enjoy!
  • My friend Weechonghooi by Vicuna

    My friend Weechonghooi by Vicuna
    **Name, location and age:**
  • My lubitel Story : I <3 Lubitel

    My lubitel Story : I  <3 Lubitel
    I wanted one for the sake of novelty. I admit it. It seemed so cool to have a TLR Camera. My friend had one but he wouldn’t lend it to me because it wasn’t working properly. So when I got my LC-A I decided to add the Lubitel 2 to save on the shipping costs (Oh the lies we tell ourselves).
  • Ilford Film - The Surprise Pack

    Ilford Film - The Surprise Pack
    For the true monochrome enthusiast, there is nothing like the deep contrast and brilliant range of tones from a fine roll of black & white film. Since 1879, the finest B&W films on the planet have come from the grayscale wizards at Ilford.
  • My Lubitel Story: No, It's Not a Rolleiflex

    My Lubitel Story:  No, It's Not a Rolleiflex
    No it's not a Rolleiflex and it's not a Hasselblad I'm holding in my hands. But people sometimes think so when they see me standing there with my Lubitel pointed at a great motive ready to take the picture. "It's a LUBITEL", I tell them and they just look at me sceptically.
  • Lubitel Tales

    Lubitel Tales
    The Lubitel is one of the most celebrated cameras to come out of the LOMO factory in St. Petersburg. This beauty has been marveled at by many a photographer and now we want to pay homage to its existence with a special tribute!
  • pan_dre's Shopping Guide

    pan_dre's Shopping Guide
    Welcome to the first installement of pan_dre's shopping guide, your source for all the happings around lomography.com's online shop.
  • Photokina Interview

    For all the German speaking Lomographers the world over, Wolfgang Stranzinger, one of the founders of LSI, talks to "Happy Shooting":http://www.happyshooting.de about Lomography at Photokina. Have a look :)
  • Location of the Week

    Location of the Week
    This weeks winner of the "Location of the Week" award is "kylewis":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/kylewis for her entry "Dune De Pilat":http://beta.lomography.com/magazine/locations/2008/09/28/dune-de-pilat a sand dune in the south western of France. The award is given based on quality of text and pictures and this weeks winning entry truly is an example of a good review.
  • The Closing Days of Photokina

    The Closing Days of Photokina
    Have a look at these videos that were shoot during the final hours of this years Photokina! Its been a a great week for Lomo!
  • Round-the-Clock Rumble: Amidst a Sea of People

    Round-the-Clock Rumble: Amidst a Sea of People
    From the sea of red-tinted hues, we now move on back to our themed rumbles from a quite exhilarating trip to redscale and double exposures.
  • Dutch Vintage Ads for Russian Cams

    Dutch Vintage Ads for Russian Cams
    "swieconek":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/swieconek from the community visited a fleamarket some time ago in Bruges, Belgium and came across some real vintage goodies: A store booklet containing original Dutch ads for Russian cameras in their youth (1968)!
  • Photokina News - Saturday At The Lomography Lounge

    Photokina News - Saturday At The Lomography Lounge
    Here are some quick impressions from Saturday at the Photokina: we, "snoop":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/snoop and "recurving":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/recurving, arrived early this morning, "ouroborosx":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/ouroborosx was already here (sporting the up-and-coming Lubitel+), to join the rest of the staff at the booth. Some things we have seen so far:
  • My LomoStory by johann_affendy

    My LomoStory by johann_affendy
    Back when I was a social networking addict, I was always in search of new ways to edit my self-portraits; hoping it would spice up my 3.2 megapixel pictures. One day while scouring the Internet for tutorials, I stumbled across a Photoshop Action titled "lomography". The writer had a before-and-after comparison of a normal photograph and the lomo version of that same picture. The outcome, although digitally manipulated, piqued my interest enough to google more on lomography.
  • My First Polaroid-Style Instants

    My First Polaroid-Style Instants
    My first experiences with the "Fuji Instax mini 7s":http://shop.lomography.com/go/?where=shop&cat=Instant_Products came earlier this week when I (I'm the guy in a black shirt) headed off into the city with some friends to a karaoke bar. When I took the camera out of my bag they at first did not think much of it. After a few photos they were all hooked!
  • Behind the Scenes: Q&A with reinertlee

    Behind the Scenes: Q&A with reinertlee
    Reinert Lee "http://www.lomohomes.com/reinertlee":http://www.lomohomes.com/reinertlee is a graphic designer in Klang, Malaysia. He's an all-time heavy metal fan who likes taking photographs and is into everything Lomography!
  • The Lomography Redscale Negative 35mm Film

    The Lomography Redscale Negative 35mm Film
    This is the world’s very first pre-loaded and ready-to-shoot RedScale film – designed to re-cast your image in a sea of powerful and seriously intense red, orange, and yellow tones. With your “red-eyes” fully focused, allow us to show you this wunderbar effect – all thanks to a very special film that’s spooled on the wrong side.
  • Photokina Videos

    For those of you that still have not had a chance to check out the Photokina live, or seen the images and videos here at Lomography.com, here is a video for you with some highlights from Cologne:
  • Le Rouge! Film Redscaling Rumble Winners

    Le Rouge! Film Redscaling Rumble Winners
    Miscommunication aside, everybody's got to deliver and here's our top picks for the recently concluded 'Le Rouge: Film Redscaling' rumble! The winner gets a whopping 20 piggies and our two-runners up receive 10!
  • Guidelines for "My Friend ________"

    Guidelines for
    What is "My Friend _______"? How is it different from "Behind the Scenes"? Actually, they're very similar, but "My Friend ______" is where **YOU** get to choose a friend from the Lomography community and interview them!
  • My Friend Fookshit

    My Friend Fookshit
    I'm assuming you're all familiar with the "Behind the Scenes" feature here in the blog, where we ask some of the most active Lomographers in the community a list of questions, mostly about their analog life.
  • First Ever Film Snatch!

    First Ever Film Snatch!
    Hello once again snatcheroos! This new offer is a Snatch! first - Film! Not only that, you could save yourself up to 60% on the regular price! It's unmissable madness! And the best news is that everyone from all over the world can take part. Hooray!
  • Mission Winner and New Mission

    Mission Winner and New Mission
    Congrats go out to "drew87":http://www.lomohomes.com/drew87
  • Photokina Update

    As the Photokina exhibition goes on in Cologne so does the coverage around the world at lomography.com. These are the most recent good bites coming from the Lomography's stand at the exhibition were visitors are entertained by both food, music, and most of all Lomographers eager to share their world :)
  • Congrats to the Lubitel Lovers Rumble Winners!

    Congrats to the Lubitel Lovers Rumble Winners!
    Hi everyone! Thanks to all who participated in the Lubitel Lovers Rumble. We were on the lookout for the most passionate, the seriously dedicated, the least expected, the pathologically random, and hardest of the hardcore Lubitel Lovers out there! And man, we found a ton of them!
  • Dianalogue Preview

    Dianalogue Preview
    The colette x Lomography Dianalogue competition has been running for a week now. We've received some really nice submissions so far, from which we would like to share one with you. Don't forget to submit your own "through a woman's lens" Dianalogue before the 7th October deadline!
  • Royal Flush! Rumble Winners

    Royal Flush! Rumble Winners
    We've got two winners for the rumble who sealed the deal! Consider the handicap for this rumble as tough luck, just like the slot machine probability! Anyway, on with the winners -
  • Snatch! Announcement

    Snatch! Announcement
    Attention all Lomographers
  • Digital Grain - Pixel Pain

    Digital Grain - Pixel Pain
    How do you like spots, grain and scratches on your analogue film? I guess you just love them as much as I do. All the more it´s a shame we have to pixelize our beautiful detail loaded captures to show them off to the community online.
  • Lomography at Photokina 2008

    Lomography at Photokina 2008
    It’s the 5th time Lomography has been invited to participate in the world’s largest photo-imaging event, so we are going all out in celebration of the unique creative use of film coming from one million+ Lomographers worldwide! The LomoWall forms the focal-piece of our “Future is Analogue” exploration and bursts with over 100,000 amazing film images. The fantastic LomoWall takes centre-stage in the immense Lomography Lounge – which will play host to a huge array of analogue talks, events and parties over the next 5 days!