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  • LomoLocation Gallery: Wear Your Sunscreen

    LomoLocation Gallery: Wear Your Sunscreen
    "__Last Saturday (May 3), we spent the cloudy afternoon at Anawangin Cove, 35 minutes away south by outrigger boat from Pundaquit Beach in Zambales, Philippines. The sea was choppy and nimbus clouds loomed above us. But neither rain nor seawater can dampen our spirits. We marveled at the beautiful Zambales coastline with its massive cliffs, jagged boulders and rolling mountains carpeted with summer-brown grass. This secluded stretch of salt-and-pepper sand sandwiched by a saltwater bay and a freshwater lake river bordered by a thick pine forest makes one unique landscape. Wading across the brackish backwaters where mudskippers hopped across gnarly tree stumps and green muck was a peaceful endeavor. While the steady climb up the western edge of the cove provided a stunning panoramic view of the place__."
  • London Lomography Thursday Coup the Second

    London Lomography Thursday Coup the Second
    The Photographers’ Gallery, photographic heartbeat of London, was the home for this month's London Lomography Thursday. A crazy, lovely, passionate bunch of Lomographers - some sparkling new, others humbly notorious - royally snuggled in together to be introduced to the latest addition to the Lomographic camera family: the Diana F+ and it’s accessory fisheye lens.