Yashica Minitec AF


The Yashica Minitec AF is a fun vintage compact film camera that uses 35mm film.

I recently got hold of this camera after my mum discovered my obsession with film cameras. She passed it to me and told me, “This is the camera of your childhood.” As it turns out, more than half my childhood photos were taken with this baby, before the digital camera started to popularize.

The camera is pretty bulky and heavy, but after all, it was made last century, you can’t really blame it. It was probably one of the lightest cameras in its heyday!

The Yashica Minitec AF was manufactured by Kyocera Japan, and that was the only information I got of the camera. Google did not yield any productive information, so I guess this camera must be really pretty old huh?

There is a roll of (probably expired) Fuji Superia 400 inside. I am going to finish the roll, then develop it to see the memories it captured an unknown number of years ago!

Here’s a photo of it with my Diana Mini White! And trust me, the camera’s heavier than it seems.
Some of the photos it used to take. Photos are dated 1997!
Photos by koalasve

After discovering the photos which are awesomely taken by koalasve with Fuji Provia 100 film, while trying to do some research on the camera, I have decided that this camera shall be my second baby (after my beloved Diana Mini White) and after I develop those photos, in goes a slide film!

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  1. davzoku
    davzoku ·

    That looked like my Dad's /(now mine) Yashica J-mini! It is the camera of my childhood. Haven't tried anything on it yet cos, I dont even know if it is working or not! This article is prompting me to load a film on the camera now...

  2. jcyx243
    jcyx243 ·

    @davzoku i just realised this camera's spoilt! i couldn't turn it on at all ): had to rewind the film myself manually to take the roll out for development :/ hahaha btw i'm singaporean too :)

  3. davzoku
    davzoku ·

    @jcyx243 Then better not touch mine for the time being. Oh, didn't notice you are from Singapore as well! I saw some of your photos... RVHS, I guess?

  4. jcyx243
    jcyx243 ·

    Yeah, almost forgot I uploaded those photos. Just took a look at your blog, you're in JC2 now? goodluck with the impending As :)

  5. kingt4
    kingt4 ·

    Nice. I just bought a Yashica TLR. I hope it produces similar results.

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