Out to Sea: Dartmouth Boat Float

Situated at the mouth of the river Dart and heading out to the ocean beyond, Dartmouth is a lovely town with its main mooring for boats in the central square - otherwise known as the boat float.

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The boat float in Dartmouth city centre is the main mooring for the River Dart in that area and it is the place where all the locals keep their boats when not it use. It is a very photogenic spot, particularly in the summer.

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There are often swans swimming in the water here and it is a nice place to have a seat as there are benches all around the outside. Even if there is no space on the benches, you can sit around the float on the ground, dangling your feet over edge above the water, or even in the water if you want to. There also a fair few cafes, bars, restaurants, and fish and chip shops around the boat float so it is the perfect spot for some food and a drink, particularly if you are a fan of the Great British chippy. There is also a very nice hotel behind the boat float called the Royal Castle and it has now become my aim to stay in this lovely and very well located hotel one time when I visit Dartmouth town again.

Credits: kneehigh85

You can also walk to the other side of the boat float to where the main bit of the River Dart is and do fishing, boating etc. My favourite activity is crab fishing however, and this area is a particular hot spot for that.

Credits: kneehigh85

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