PYHOF: I Am A Camera by The Buggles


The Buggles shot to fame in 1979 when they came out with "Video Killed the Radio Star." Today, put your headphones on and check out their 1981 single "I Am A Camera"!

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WHO: The Buggles
GENRE: New wave, Synth pop

“I Am A Camera” was taken from the first page of “Goodbye to Berlin” – a novel by Christopher Isherwood. The original quote was “I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking.”

The Buggles wrote the song, but prog-rockers Yes first released it in 1980 under a different title – “Into the Lens.” A year later, The Buggles’s synth pop version was included in their second (and last) album – Adventures in Modern Recording.

By the waterside
Where the lens is wide
You and me
By the sea

Take heart
I will never let you go
If you
Only let your feelings show
Lovers all
How you never broke your hearts
You lose them
When the feeling starts

(I am a camera)
(I am a camera)
(A camera)
I am a camera
I am a camera

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